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Aquarius 2014 Horoscope


Aquarius 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

Throughout the year, Uranus will guide you in order to help you find the meaning of your life and answer all your questions. Philosophical thoughts could have an extremely important role to play. In your sign in February, Mercury will give you the opportunity to live interesting and unforgettable experiences. Your intuitions and needs will lead you to study various spiritual readings. Highly rewarding encounters will also be on the cards.

Your strengths

From the month of February, the Sun will shine on your inner well-being. Your brain will be stimulated, and you will be more intelligent than ever. Moreover, you can trust the influence of Mars to give you the energy needed to blossom from a personal point of view. Thanks to the presence of the sextile formed between Jupiter and Uranus, you will reap the fruit of your labor in June. Your mental strength will be your main assets, which you will know how to make the most of.

Your weaknesses

The army of planets, composed of the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus will be, through various squares, extremely dissonant. As a result, your uncontrolled reactions and unrealistic demands will only slow you down. You will find it hard to concentrate and you will constantly change your mind. Such a planetary dissonance will urge you to become more independent, which could lead you to rebel. With a tormented mind, you will look for your inner truth.

Aquarius 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

Your love life will be pretty quiet. With your respective professional activities in mind, you and your partner will both be in an independent mood. Of course, you will still be united and supportive for each other when needed. Boredom will not creep in, but it will not be far away either. With the square of Mars, you could lack flexibility. You should try to spice up your relationship in order to invite passion back into your life.


In 2014, it will be down to you and you alone to take the right direction. Indeed, with the square of Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto, you will be at a crossroads. Besides, obstacles will not be impossible to overcome. Your feelings will be deep, long-lasting, loyal and genuine, but sometimes you could be a little bit too predictable. As a result, your behavior could put potential partners off. Be more tolerant and easy-going.

Key dates

21/01: You will be in a mischievous mood, up for some fun.
06/04: There is too much tension in your household.
06/08: A native of an Air sign could hit on you.
06/10: The planetary configuration will encourage the start of a new love story.
25/10: Your marital life will ooze happiness.
17/11: Your ego will complicate your sentimental relationships.
09/12: You will be more sensual than ever before.
18/12: Single, love at first sight will hit you.



The planetary configuration couldn’t be better this year, the zodiac will support you. Significant progress and a pay rise will be within touching distance. Promises you had forgotten about will be kept, which will encourage you to keep up the hard work. In October, the positive trine between Uranus and Jupiter will give you a helping hand. In those circumstances, you will have to be even more deontological than ever before.


The presence of Mars in an Air sign will support your plans to invest. Indeed, things will be made easier for you in this domain. As a result, you could come into some money, as your investments will be extremely profitable. Thanks to improvement on the financial front, you will be able to consider once again buying a property. In any case, be aware of how much money you can borrow and your ability to pay it back, and study your projects very carefully.

Key dates

03/01: Your investments will bear fruit.
01/02: Your professional responsibilities will be huge.
22/03: In work, you will have challenges to take on and opportunities to grab.
22/05: You could well come into some money today.
26/05: Think very carefully before investing your money.
10/06: You will get a promotion.
25/09: A colleague could be jealous of you. Remain cautious.
20/12: Due to stress, you will take time off work.


Your wellness

With the dissonances of the Sun, you will struggle to channel your energy in a positive way. Such a constant battle will tire you out, but you should be mentally strong enough to cope. As a result, you will be able to deal with anxiety throughout the year. You will play a sport that suits your physical condition, and it will be in your best interest to keep on moving forward in your everyday life – but don’t hesitate to take your foot off the gas if you ever need to. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will have to manage your emotions at all times.

Key dates

01/02: Your physical and mental well-being will be given a boost.
20/03: Find ways to relax in order to fight off stress and nervousness.
07/05: You could feel pretty bored. Relax.
25/07: Under such a positive configuration, you will be in a much better mood.
07/09: Tired, you will find it impossible to recharge your batteries.
05/10: Stressed, you will not be very physically resistant.
29/10: You will be extremely psychologically unstable.
04/12: You may not realize it yet, but boredom is creeping in.