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Aries 2014 Horoscope


Aries 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

In 2014, you will have to manage two priorities. The first one will relate to your work. You will have to strengthen your current situation in order to be able to climb up the professional ladder and be given more responsibilities. Then, you will have to take care of your sentimental life by avoiding power struggles – you will gain stability. Great news for your balance! Uranus and the double square it will form with Jupiter and Pluto will cause chaos. You will have to stay strong, as the first quarter will be tough.

Your strengths

Your analytical skills will work wonders, as you will be helped by the great square in cardinal signs. Your determination will be your outstanding quality. Your mental strength will allow you to change what doesn’t suit out anymore in your life. Even if the planets will not make things easier for you overall, your efforts will be rewarded during the final quarter of the year.

Your weaknesses

Throughout 2014, you will be indecisive in both your personal and professional lives. You will find it impossible to take control over what is going on in your life. As a result, you will be faced with important decisions to make. From the first days of the year, following the opposition between Uranus and Mars, your emotions will be unsettled. Your lack of stability will be your main issue. You will have to look for serenity.

Aries 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

Following a period of doubts, your astral sky will unlock the situation. You will slowly get rid of your love burden and your heart will start beating for your partner again! The planets will move, things will change and so will you. Seduction will come back into your life, and your relationship will appear to be stronger than ever. After rain comes fair weather! However, do not try to force anything on your partner if you don’t want to spoil such a positive atmosphere.


This will not be the ideal year to start a long-term relationship, but quite the opposite in fact. Indeed, expect chaos. You could even get to spend time with some completely electric – or eccentric – individuals. You should follow your intuition if you want to avoid making bad choices. Know that your first impression will often by the right one. Thus, know how to take things as they are and stop overthinking all the time.

Key dates

10/01: You will be on cloud nine with your partner.
19/02: Everything will go wrong. A day to forget.
19/03: Your heart may start beating for somebody new.
05/04: You will be extremely close to your other half.
03/07: You will not meet your soul mate today!
08/07: Your charm and good mood will work wonders.
04/11: Single, beware: you could be hit on!
16/12: In love, you will be extremely magnetic!



In 2014, you will be a typical Aries, which will not exactly be a positive thing. Indeed, you will try to raise your profile at all costs, you will be arrogant and you will dive in head first at the slightest of opportunities, especially on the professional front. Thus, you will not hesitate to provoke your colleagues, or even your superiors! For your career’s sake, you will have to moderate yourself sooner rather than later.


New interests could incite you to invest more money than usual. Fortunately, you will remain relatively reasonable! You could be offered financial help during the year, possibly in the form of a loan in the opening six months of 2014. You could also get a considerable pay rise, a bonus or a promotion. In any case, invest very wisely only.

Key dates

04/02: Budget wisely to keep your finances under control.
18/02: You will have to keep a low profile in the work place.
28/04: Potential huge arguments with your colleagues.
18/06: You will get the support of your collaborators.
14/07: Huge arguments could take place in work.
15/08: You will decide to redecorate your house.
16/11: In work, you will receive interesting offers.
12/12: You will make huge decisions on how to spend your money.


Your wellness

Mood swings will affect your physical well-being. At times you could suffer from panic attacks, followed by periods of euphoria and extreme optimism. You will try as hard as you can on a daily basis, which will tire you out physically and mentally. Try to find ways to entertain yourself and hang around with positive people. This will be the solution to all your problems.

Key dates

07/01: You will be in great physical and mental form.
05/02: Your competitive nature will give you wings!
20/03: Filled with energy, you will not let anybody walk all over you.
20/05: You will feel like clearing your mind and body.
01/07: You will be tired and irritable. Have a rest.
05/09: You will be dynamic and you will find it impossible to stand still.
29/11: Too anxious, you will find it impossible to sleep.
27/12: You will play sports to channel your energy.