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Cancer 2014 Horoscope


Cancer 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

Your immediate family will be your main priority. You will take care of the education of your offspring, something extremely important to you. Then, you will feel like spoiling your partner. The trine from Saturn could even favor a birth. How wonderful! « Home sweet home » is a saying that fits you like a glove, you will need all that harmony to recharge your batteries. You will make the most of the transit of Jupiter, more powerful than ever in July.

Your strengths

With Jupiter in your sign, you will be effective enough to turn your dreams into reality. Indeed, this planet will give you a positive mindset and stimulate your brain – great news for the new year. You will have many talents and your vitality will allow you to overcome every obstacle. At the start of the year, the oppositions emanating from Capricorn will not give you a break. You will have to keep focused and not lose sight of your objectives.

Your weaknesses

The beginning of the year will be influenced by the square formed between Mars and Jupiter. You could lack self-confidence and you will not always make the rights decisions. You could be too generous, especially with your loved ones, and spend too much money as a result. Such a behavior could quickly get you in trouble with your banker, as you will tend to live a lifestyle you cannot afford. Think about saving up. You will hide your weaknesses by taking the moral high ground with your entourage.

Cancer 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

In love, you will feel like you are put in quarantine on a desert island. Communication will be under severe attack from the Venus/Jupiter duo in 2014. So, of course, there will be ups and downs – expect a real emotional rollercoaster throughout the year. You will both refuse to change your mind and compromise. Thus, don’t be too naive and look after your own well-being first if you don’t want to be walked all over. Expect a tense year.


Your sentimental life will not take center stage. The planetary atmosphere, with Jupiter and Mars, will be pretty oppressing and affect this domain. Financial issues will be on your mind, leaving you with hardly any time to think about love. Toward the end of the year, improvement will be on the cards! You must keep everything simple. Then, you could find someone special and start something serious together. You will have to be very clear-headed and tactful.

Key dates

14/01: Your mood and sensuality are at an all-time low.
11/02: More charming than ever, you will be irresistible.
03/04: You will take care of your body in order to be attractive.
17/05: Be diplomatic if you want to convince your partner.
20/06: Stability will make a welcome appearance in your sentimental life.
16/07: You will consolidate your love projects. Wonderful!
03/11: Single, your sex life will be wild!
23/12: Just before Christmas, your sensuality will work wonders.



You will have the opportunity to have a different outlook on your professional development. The transit of Jupiter will give your career a boost. You will take concrete action and you will manage to make the most of your creative skills in this domain. Your ideas will fall into the right ears and you will meet people who will bring new opportunities your way. You will have to be more rigorous than ever.


With the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto, the opening quarter of the year will not go well at all. You will find it very difficult to keep track of your finances. Besides, you could follow bad advice and invest your money foolishly. From the month of June, your finances will receive a welcome boost. However, with all the bills you have to pay, frustration will remain on the cards. Knowing how go-getter you can be, one can only advise you to remain extremely prudent this year.

Key dates

10/01: In work, you will dramatically lack patience.
01/03: You will not be rolling in money. Be extremely careful.
15/04: An important encounter as far as your career is concerned.
18/06: You will take a step back to assess your financial situation.
25/06: Luckier than usual, you could take a gamble!
02/09: Conflicts with your management cannot be ruled out.
15/11: Financial constraints could block you.
02/12: Your relationships will be shaken up.


Your wellness

The planet Jupiter will organize your vitality. Its influence will be extremely important, and you will find it hard to resist it – it will be impossible for you to escape from the grips of such a powerful planet. Good news! You will be on top of your game more often than not. You will find such a conjunction stimulating. It will allow you to make it through 2014 without any major hitch. However, nobody is limitless: do not forget to take a break every now and then.

Key dates

05/01: Be active, go for a run, it will help you find the right balance.
12/02: Calm yourself down if you don’t want to suffer from migraines.
30/04: Don’t be too impulsive if you want to carry on moving forward.
17/07: You will be lethargic and nervous. Your summer vacation cannot come soon enough.
10/09: Learn how to manage stress and you will be in great form.
20/11: You will consider going away in order to be able to switch your brain off.
30/11: You will feel like clearing your mind and cheering yourself up.
28/12: You will be mentally weak and you will lack motivation.