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Capricorn 2014 Horoscope


Capricorn 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

It’s on the family and professional fronts that will focus your efforts. Your goal is to find the right balance in those domains. With the presence of Saturn, the planet of Capricorn, you will have to move forward while respecting the schedule you will have set yourself as far as your two priorities for the year are concerned. Your biggest challenge will be to avoid becoming overzealous or prioritizing one domain over the other. To do so, you will have to be extremely fair and highly responsive in order to be able to defuse any problem as soon as it arises.

Your strengths

From the very beginning of the year, the planetary stellium, composed of 5 planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the Moon, will allow you to explore new professional horizons. As a results, challenges will be aplenty, and you will have what it takes to be successful. Your meticulous and serious nature will allow you to overcome every obstacle. From the month of June, the trine in an Earth sign, formed by Pluto, Venus and the Moon, will improve your organization skills.

Your weaknesses

You will have to fight against the opposition of Jupiter in Cancer and the army of planets in Capricorn. Those dissonances could oppose all your actions during the opening quarter. When facing difficulties, you will tend to exaggerate and become arrogant. You must learn how to moderate yourself and keep your temper. To do so, you will have to make considerable efforts and learn how to remain humble.


In a relationship

With the multitude of planets opposite Jupiter, you could be going through a bit of a tough time. A problem could even arise before the summer, and become gradually more and more serious throughout the second half of the year. And you would be wrong to ignore it, as it will not fix itself! It may not be really like you, but you will be forced to compromise. Show your partner what he or she means to you if you don’t want your situation to get out of hand.


Expect an oppressing sentimental atmosphere. You will feel isolated. Yet, the trine of the Sun and Pluto will favor encounters. You will become more optimistic. Your behavior will depend on the quality of your love relationships. You could experience a significant encounter with somebody foreign or living abroad – be simply aware that things will not be straightforward. You must not give up as soon as the going gets tough.

Key dates

29/01: You will be more sensual than ever and you will know how to make the most of it.
28/02: The relationship with your other half will be tense.
05/04: Single, an encounter will be on the cards.
18/07: Lovely sentimental encounters are to be expected.
18/09: Single, brace yourself for a tough day.
29/10: You will get on perfectly well with natives of Earth signs.
10/11: Unfortunately, nothing will happen in your sentimental life.
21/12: With your other half, you will consider having a baby.



In this domain, the army of planets present in Capricorn will bring nothing but constraints your way. Your projects will be slowed down and you will find it extremely hard to reach your objectives. Besides, and to make matters worse, arguments could break out between you and your colleagues. You get it, 2014 will not be the best of years on the professional front. Thus, you will have to try to limit the damage. To do so, and under such a complicated configuration, you will have to show impressive determination and courage.


The square formed between Uranus and Pluto could put you in a complicated situation. Indeed, your ideas will not always be clear and your judgement skills desert you. Therefore, it will be better not to bank on an unconfirmed income or increase your overdraft without being granted permission first. Your banker is highly unlikely to appreciate such a behavior. You must aim lower and be more humble.

Key dates

01/01: You will look after an intern or an assistant.
01/03: You will receive unexpected help in the workplace.
01/05: Be extremely suspicious whenever money is concerned.
01/09: Your finances will receive a lovely boost.
01/10: You will move your professional projects forward.
01/11: You will tend to be a little bit too materialistic. Be careful.
06/11: In work, you will be very indecisive.
29/12: You will speak your mind a little bit too easily!


Your wellness

Inner peace, brought to you by the transit of Pluto, will not quite be in harmony with your physical energy. Which is why, towards the beginning of the year, you will be very irritable and pretty tired. However, during the first few weeks of the summer you will be a lot calmer and in agreement with yourself. Towards the end of the year, you will be dynamic and on top of your game. You will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and you will have to stock up on vitamins on a regular basis.

Key dates

10/01: Stock up on vitamins to give your vitality a boost.
25/03: You will find the right balance between dream and reality.
10/04: You will be careless and not reactive enough.
05/06: Your brain will help you evacuate stress.
01/09: To make the most of your vitality, look after your mental well-being.
17/09: You will seem inexhaustible. Don’t push your luck.
29/11: A weight loss will give you a boost in this domain.
10/12: Both your body and mind will be on top of their game.