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Gemini 2014 Horoscope


Gemini 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

You will feel the presence of Mercury, especially in your professional life. Its influxes will be very positive. This year, your priorities will therefore relate to your work and ways to improve your skills and abilities. Indirectly, your finances could also benefit from such a planetary configuration. Also, the conjunction of Neptune, doubled up with the trine of Mars, will improve your analytical skills and help you reach your goals.

Your strengths

With the arrival of spring, Mercury in your sign will favor progress and contracts being signed. Your rigorous nature and skills will be powerful assets that you will have to make the most of. Then, the trine from Mars will come to give your finances a boost. As a result, your purchasing power will be increased. Besides, you will have a great knowledge of the stock market, which will allow you to invest your money very wisely.

Your weaknesses

You will have to be extremely careful from the month of March as, with the square formed between Mercury and Saturn, planetary dissonances will play with your nerves. You could spend more than you can afford, without thinking about the consequences. Moreover, you will be less efficient in the workplace, which will affect relationships with your colleagues or superiors. You must be less impulsive in order not to get distracted. Moderation and wisdom will be your best assets.

Gemini 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

You will find it easier to express your feelings to your partner, which will allow you to strengthen your relationship. The sky will support your union thanks to the influence of Saturn and Mercury, looking after your love life. However, around the middle of the year, superficial relationships and broken promises could affect your couple. Your other half will need to be shown how much he or she means to you.


Your love life will be extremely peaceful. The planetary configuration, featuring Mercury and Venus, will guarantee harmony. From October onwards and not before, you will be able to live enjoyable sentimental experiences. But more often than not they will not lead to anything serious. You will have a good time, but don’t expect a long-term relationship in those circumstances. Make the most of those moments, but don’t forget that they will not last forever.

Key dates>

09/05: There’s trouble in the air with your partner.
21/05: If you are single, you will not be for long.
07/06: Your sentimental life will take center stage. Thanks Cupid.
07/08: Put your other half first to save your relationship!
18/10: Your relationship will now be your priority.
28/10: You will enjoy quiet times with your loved one.
23/11: A beautiful love story will be possible with a Sagittarius.
27/12: You will break away from your routine with your soul mate.



You will be under protection from the planetary configuration. You will especially be able to feel it in April thanks to the trine formed with the Moon. After a few minor changes, you will be able to set yourself new objectives – expect positive results. You will be looking to improve your organization skills in this domain, which will give your sense of responsibilities a boost and help you raise your profile. The atmosphere will be pleasant in the workplace, where teamwork and successful business skills will play a crucial role. You will have to innovate as much as possible.


In May, thanks to the arrival of Mercury in your sign, you will be able to notice considerable improvement in your finances. Indeed, you will have enough money to pay all your bills on time, and possibly even have some leftover. Which will be handy, as you will be in a very generous mood with your loved ones. However, to avoid finding yourself once again in trouble in this domain, do not forget to establish a sensible budget plan.

Key dates

31/01: One of your superiors could seriously get on your nerves.
15/02: You could receive a stern telling off from your banker.
20/04: A positive professional encounter will be on the cards.
01/06: Your colleagues will tease you. Keep calm.
17/08: You will be asked to join a new team.
06/09: Don’t try to make your projects more complicated than they already are.
31/10: Your great communication skills will be a great asset in the workplace.
20/12: You will speak without engaging your brain first. Beware of blunders.


Your wellness

At the beginning of the year, Mercury and the Sun will offer you protection. As a result, you will be dynamic at all times. Your energy levels will impress many and you will be extremely resistant, mentally and physically speaking! However, just because the planets are on your side doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of your mental and physical well-being. You will also have to make an effort.

Key dates

29/01: Minor issues will affect your brain.
10/02: Give yoga a try to preserve your vitality.
20/03: Your sharp mind will keep you awake.
05/04: In a spiritual mood, you will be looking for peace of mind.
01/06: On top of your game physically speaking, you continue to play sports.
10/07: You will be in the mood to stimulate your brain.
05/09: To keep your stress levels down, spend time in the countryside.
20/11: You will be filled with positive, stable and deep energy.