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Leo 2014 Horoscope


Leo 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

You will embark on a quest for spirituality. Extremely experienced, you will ask yourself many existential questions. Your brain will be stimulated by Jupiter. This planet will know how to get you thinking. From the month of November, it will also link up with Uranus, the genius of the zodiac! You will find original ways to reinvent yourself and have a totally different outlook on life.

Your strengths

You will get your strength from the various conjunctions formed by the Sun. Thus, you will mange to build solid foundations for yourself, which you will be able to strengthen thanks to the arrival of Jupiter in August. Its transit will shed some light on your situation and help you get the recognition you deserve. Your intuition will work wonders and allow you to avoid traps laid set to get you. Plant as many seeds as you can, as the end of the year will be prosperous thanks to the trine between Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. You will be more intelligent than ever.

Your weaknesses

The square formed between Jupiter and Saturn will make you very emotional. As a result, this dissonance may also cause you to lose control. You could lose touch with reality. You will have to rely on your strong personality and impressive determination to manage your sensitivity. Be as genuine as possible in order to keep a lid on your ego. Fortunately, the end of the year should be a little bit less troublesome.

Leo 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

From the very beginning of the year, routine could well and truly settle in, something you would struggle to deal with in the long run. However, from the month of May, you could change some of your habits, for the best – some fresh air finally! You will even talk about having a baby, no less! Your relationship will top your priority list. More than ever, you will have to pamper your partner and keep a very attentive eye on an extremely dissonant Sun.


A change of plans will come to unsettle your habits in this domain. Despite potential encounters, you will remain in a meditating mood. With the trine between the Sun and Mercury, the intellectual side be more important to you than the physical one. Such an atmosphere will not encourage long-term relationships. Losing all hope will get you nowhere. You must be less pessimistic and stern if you don’t want to scare away any potential partner.

Key dates

23/01: Huge disappointment on the sentimental front.
28/01: Single, you will spend the night in great company.
08/02: Do not let mood swings affect your love life.
08/03: This could be an exhilarating day for your relationship.
08/07: Be careful not to fall out with your other half.
08/09: Expect magical moments in love.
10/11: A wedding is in the air. You will be on cloud nine.
28/12: The end of the year will be an excellent period for your relationship.



Overall, you will take positive initiatives. But, because of the opposition between the Sun and Uranus, you will have many obstacles to overcome until the month of April. As a result, you can expect delays and a multitude constraints. At the same time, your patience and determination should allow you to make it though such a difficult period. You should not hesitate to attend as many job interviews as you can or apply for a new position within your current company.


In the workplace, blunders and delays will pile up and the opposition between the Sun and Mars could have bad surprises in store for you. Those extremely dissonant planets will predict a lively opening quarter of the year. With great determination and fighting spirit, you will manage to bounce back, especially from July onwards. Some aspects of your organizational methods will have to be drastically modified. In any case, you will have to show great adaptation skills, without ever losing sight of your interests.

Key dates

08/02: You will try to look after your money more carefully.
29/02: Be more methodological in the workplace.
31/03: Luck will be on the side of your finances.
15/04: Work-related stress will dictate your moods.
31/05: You will have to be very diplomatic with your superiors.
15/07: You will be made a very exciting professional promise.
05/09: You will have the opportunity to invest your money.
15/10: Compliments will come aplenty in the workplace.


Your wellness

2014 will be a year full of ups and downs in this domain. Blame it on Venus, who will enjoy making your life harder. Stability will elude you. At times, you will feel on top of the world, ready to move mountains. But soon after, you will be lethargic, flat, energy-less. Such a configuration will affect your mood, which will be pretty unpredictable. You will be more irritable and insufferable than usual. You will have to learn how to deal with all those dissonances, and more importantly how to put things into perspective.

Key dates

12/01: Take a few days off in order to relax and cheer yourself up.
01/03: Feeling stressed, food will help you feel better. Be careful.
05/05: You will suffer from mood swings, moderate yourself.
10/08: Be careful if you’re playing sports for the first time in ages, you could be rusty.
10/10: Keep a close eye on your energy levels and go for regular breaks.
20/11: An extremely tense day. You will have to keep your reactions under control.
05/12: Nothing will resist you. Make the most of it.
20/12: Bless with optimal energy levels, you will be on top of your game.