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Libra 2014 Horoscope


Libra 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

You will begin the year with the planet Mars. As a result, you will not waste any time, as its vivifying effect will make you feel invincible. You will therefore mainly think about being successful in your professional life. You will be in a reflective mood and you will decide to improve your organization skills. You will have what it takes to win your interlocutors over, and you will know how to make compromises in order to get what you want. Success will be on the cards.

Your strengths

Mars and its extremely positive army of planets will be on your side at the beginning of the year. Thank to your sense of responsibilities, you will quickly climb up the professional ladder. Jupiter will allow you to boost your income. With your colleagues, you will know how to be a great teacher. In May, the trine between the Sun and Mars will allow you to express clearly your intentions. You will have what it takes to be promoted to a managerial role.

Your weaknesses

With the square from Mars to Jupiter and the opposition between Mars and Uranus, you will have to swim against the tide. Some of your professional projects will be unrealistic, as you will lose touch with reality. You will be likely to set yourself unachievable objectives. You will have to remain clear-headed in order not to waste your time. The month of June will be a very confusing period. From the fall onwards, Mercury opposite Uranus will prevent you from making decisions.

Libra 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

Until halfway through the year, you will focus more on your appearance and on showing off your wealth than on yourself and on your partner. Your other half will begin to wonder whether you really care about your relationship. Arguments will be expected under the square formed between Mars and Mercury. From the second quarter, you will feel freed from a burden that was stopping you from experiencing total harmony. Make the most of the rest of the year!


Your love relationships could be pretty mysterious, something that you will not particularly mind. But if nothing changes soon and your feelings remain confused, disappointment could be on the cards, especially under the dissonance of Mars. You will tend to have several irons in the fire, preventing you from focusing on one person only. Such a tendency will last for the entirety of 2014.

Key dates

14/01: Potential lovely encounter with a Taurus.
09/03: The Moon will stimulate your sensuality!
17/04: Great compatibility with Earth signs.
17/07: Don’t forget to ask your other half before you decide anything.
29/07: You will be totally devoted to your partner.
27/10: Give priority to natives of Water signs on the sentimental front.
30/11: Your sensuality will be electric. Expect to cause a few sparks to fly.
30/12: Single, expect plenty of surprises in love.



Month after month, you will manage to make the most of your energy in the workplace. As a result, you will manage to be extremely effective. Don’t worry, positive results will come your way, which will make you very happy. However, you will not get anything without fighting for it, as the transit of Mars square to the Sun will throw a spanner in the works. It will be an everyday struggle in this domain. You must absolutely keep clam and show great determination at all times.


Throughout the year, you will keep your finances afloat thanks to your efficient management skills, but also thanks to great pieces of advice you will be given. You will be more likely to make progress in this domain as a result. You will be able to make fruitful investments in real estate or in the stock market. In any case, before you get involved in a project, you must study it in detail.

Key dates

05/01: Your career will take an important new turn.
25/02: Your business skills will boost your income.
10/03: In work, you will be the leader and people will follow you.
05/05: You could be in a lot of debt.
07/06: You will be distracted in the workplace.
01/09: Professional rivalries are on the cards after the summer.
26/10: You will be forced to postpone some expenses.
29/12: A good day to invest in the stock market.


Your wellness

Overall, you could have too much energy, but you will know how to manage it efficiently. Indeed, despite the presence of Mars, you will manage not to be extremely nervous. You will feel very dynamic and lively. Besides, your self-control will impress many. You will make it a personal mission of yours to look after your body and improve your fitness levels. You will continue to follow a strict diet, but without putting too much pressure on your own shoulders.

Key dates

03/01: Your energy levels will be under protection.
12/01: Physically resistant, you could be noticeably nervous.
15/03: Fatigue will get the better of you, but you will struggle to fall asleep.
30/04: You’re currently doing too much. Take a break.
01/06: You will listen to your body more carefully than usual.
28/07: In the workplace, you will have energy to spare.
01/10: Cultural activities will stimulate your brain.
15/12: Thanks to the planets, your well-being will be considerably improved.