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Pisces 2014 Horoscope


Pisces 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

You will be in a new professional phase. You will be ambitious and you will want to give a new direction to your work. In the month of April and with the support of Venus, you will be able give your projects a boost. Through the trine consisting of Mars, the Moon and Venus, you will have the opportunity to considerably evolve. You will need to do so in order to blossom. It will be your main challenge for 2014!

Your strengths

In your sign, the arrival of Mercury in February will coincide with a multitude of professional offers. You will show off all your skills and abilities. Your experience will be sought after and your visionary nature will help you score points. You will skilfully move towards your objectives. Throughout the year, Neptune, your planet, will form countless positive aspects. The trine between the Sun and the asteroid Chiron will stimulate your ideas.

Your weaknesses

Your great emotions may unsettle you and restrain your personal, and professional, elevation. The dissonance of Mars and Neptune will strongly affect your mood. As a result, you could be very choleric. By trying to fight on several fronts as the same time, you will be likely to get distracted and to be less effective in your actions as a result. You will have to know how to manage your priorities in order not to waste valuable time.

Pisces 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

A strong desire for independence could be felt in your sign, which will be likely to affect the balance of your relationship. Fortunately, Neptune, in your sign, will form a trine with Mercury from the month of June onwards. Your dreams will become reality. You will have the opportunity to give your love relationship a fresh new start. In any case, expect improvement in your sentimental life from the second quarter. Until then, you will have to take the time to reflect on your own situation.


Finding your soul mate will not be your priority in 2014, far from it. It has to be said that seeing your friends in complicated relationships will not help you change your mind about the advantages of being single! You will be fed up of being disappointed and wasting all your energy in pointless sentimental affairs. However, do not completely close your heart, as the trine formed between the Sun and Neptune in July will support you. You must keep hope alive!

Key dates

23/03: A very significant encounter with an Earth sign.
18/05: An unexpected encounter will liven your sentimental life up.
19/07: You will consider having a baby with your other half!
15/09: You could live a nice love story with a Taurus.
13/10: Confident, you will know how to show off your sensual side.
21/11: You could meet someone significant at a dinner party.
07/12: Your relationship will be put under the spotlight. Nice harmony!
26/12: You will have numerous projects with your other half.



You will begin this new year feeling extremely relieved. Indeed, with the presence of Neptune in your sign, communication will be improved and problems will soon stop spoiling your relationships. You will be asked to take on various challenges, which you will find very interesting. Trusted by your management, you will feel extremely valued in the workplace. Don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues for help if you feel overwhelmed by your workload.


Financially speaking, you will find yourself at a crossroads and you will have to make the right decisions. The presence of Neptune will guarantee you to be effective. You will learn how to spend wisely and even save up. As a result, you will manage to make both ends meet, even on a limited budget. Your finances will be balanced, but beware not too become too optimistic in this domain.

Key dates

14/01: The right day to ask for a pay rise.
20/03: A red-letter day as far as investments are concerned.
20/05: A fructuous day on the professional front. Expect rewards!
03/07: A very positive day to invest your money.
20/10: Arguments could take place between you and your colleagues.
21/11: You could win some money gambling.
11/12: A Scorpio colleague will provide you with advice and support.
22/12: You will spend too much and you will be in the red.


Your wellness

With the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury, you could be blessed with much more energy than usual. As a result, you will become aware of what can improve your well-being, and how to make sure it lasts in the long run. Fatigue will leave you alone, and you will show incredible determination. You could get several projects underway at the same time. However, you could also turn out to be rather distracted – learn how to channel your vitality at all times.

Key dates

20/01: You will have enough energy to cope with your busy schedule.
18/02: You could feel slightly tired.
30/03: Aware of your limits, you will take your foot off the gas.
15/05: You will be extremely weak from an emotional point of view.
02/07: You will enjoy a much better night’s sleep, allowing you to recharge your batteries.
05/09: You will be strong enough to complete all of your projects.
24/11: Very dynamic, you will be on top of your game.
01/12: You will recharge your batteries to get the month off to the best possible start.