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Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

Gone are the carefree days of last year! You will have to face the constraints of a demanding and complicated work life. At first, you will be likely to sulk and feel like giving up. Jupiter will force you to take on new challenges. Following your efforts, you will reap the fruit of your labor at the end of the year, not before! So the best for you will be to follow instructions, to take responsibility and to pay great attention to detail. Be serious, organized and disciplined.

Your strengths

The planet Jupiter will strengthen your desire for expansion. Your intellect will be a significant quality of your personality. It will allow you to excel in finding appropriate solutions. Your pragmatism will be excellent and you will even be able to rely on your feelings in case of trouble. You will move very methodologically on the professional front. Toward the end of the year, the trine between Uranus and the Sun will be very positive for your work.

Your weaknesses

The planetary opposition between Jupiter and Pluto could cause chaos in your professional life. You could lack consistency, which will translate as a multitude of ups and downs throughout the year. You will look for stability at all costs, which will be easier said than done. As a results, you will let your emotions get the better of you, which will not be a good thing. You must absolutely not lose hope or patience.

Sagittarius 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

You can expect a good year. Your feelings for your other half will become stronger, and you and your partner will both be looking for a long-term committed relationship. You will be determined to keep your promises. Your astral sky will support your feelings. A few clouds are to be expected here and there, and some difficult choices will have to be made under the Jupiter/Uranus square, but they will not threaten your union. Pay attention to what really matters and don’t waste any time on details.


It looks like your love life will benefit from the welcome help of your astral sky. Don’t hesitate to clearly and honestly express your feelings. Such a behavior will make you come across as more charming and charismatic, which will favor encounters. The sextile of Jupiter and the Moon will bring stability and you will meet somebody who will change your life during the year. In other words, keep on being yourself.

Key dates

07/01: You will be sick to the back teeth of being single.
09/03: You will get on perfectly well with a Water sign.
03/06: Expect ups and down in your sentimental life.
03/07: Confusion will take over in your household.
03/08: You will fall in love with a Water sign.
03/09: You will look after yourself in order to become more attractive.
03/10: You will fall for someone, which will cheer you up.
15/12: The year is nearly over, and you will be more charming than ever!



Unlike last year, you will bounce back and take concrete action in this domain in 2014. You will have the chance to enjoy a fresh new start, giving you the opportunity to get new projects underway. Those projects will allow you to fulfill your ambitions. The positive trine of Jupiter and Saturn will come into your sky in June. Brace yourself, it will be worth it. Some efforts remain to be made on the professional front, but you can expect fireworks at the end of the year!


The planetary dissonances will generate a very mixed atmosphere. You will have to be very cautious, as unexpected expenses will come to trouble you. You will have to be more thrifty than spendthrift throughout the year. From February onwards, you will be forced to tighten your belt. Thank to Jupiter, you should be able to lift your head out of water towards the end of the year. Until then, be extremely patient and cautious.

Key dates

15/01: Good influxes in the workplace. Make the most of it.
01/03: Expect chaos in your finances. Be careful.
01/06: You could be criticized for being overactive.
18/08: Huge financial changes could be on the cards!
02/09: A good day for your finances.
29/09: Excellent communication with your financial advisor.
31/10: Recognition and rewards will be on the menu!
07/12: You will impulsively decide to leave your company.


Your wellness

You will remain slightly anxious, but overall, and thanks to Jupiter, you will be pretty dynamic throughout the year. As a result, depression or melancholy will not have the time to settle in. You could pick up a hobby that you were forced to give up in the past. For your greater good, you will see positive people and you will change your habits. This will give your energy levels a boost. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from working out every now and then. You need to stay active.

Key dates

05/02: You will be happier than ever to be alive.
20/04: Stress and exhaustion are on the menu. Cheer yourself up.
10/06: You will have to adopt healthier eating habits.
12/07: You could be too impulsive for your own good.
11/09: A very demanding day from a mental and physical point of view.
15/10: You will be extremely strong mentally and in good physical shape.
02/11: The planets will give your ego a boost.
27/12: You will stop doing what you don’t need to do anymore.