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Virgo 2014 Horoscope


Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Your priorities

On the sentimental front, you will be torn between your fears and curiosity. You will be wary of anything new, but as the same time you will want to explore new horizons. Mercury in transit in the sign of Pisces will urge you to overcome your fears. Your emotions will take over. You get it, love will be your only priority this year. You will give yourself the best chance of finding happiness.

Your strengths

Thanks to the arrival of the asteroid Pallas and its sextile with Jupiter, you could meet a native of a Water sign. Your spontaneous and audacious nature will work wonders. From June, the wonderful trine in an Earth sign will stimulate all your activities. Thanks to Venus, Love with a capital L will fill you with energy. Thanks to the energy of Pluto, you will be more magnetic and seductive than ever before.

Your weaknesses

You will come across as pretty cold, which could affect your love relationships. You will also be extremely demanding, which will not make anything better. The dissonance between Saturn and Mercury will considerably slow your sentimental projects down. Your lack of flexibility and rigorous nature are weaknesses you will have to get rid of if you want to improve your situation, as they will tend to scare your potential partners away.

Virgo 2014 Love Horoscope

In a relationship

Your feelings will positively evolve. A lively year is on the cards, and it will be for the best! In your relationship, with the quincunx of Mercury and Venus, communication will be smoother than ever. There may be a few clouds in your sentimental sky, but they will not affect the level of passion in your life and they will be gone before you even know it. More than ever, your relationship must be based on understanding and mutual respect.


In a jolly mood, you will be ready to do anything to find your soul mate! You will want your love life to improve rapidly, but things may take a little more time than expected. With the square formed between Mars and Pluto, tension could take over. To avoid misunderstandings with your potential partners, you will have to be honest and express all your desires. Do not make any promises you cannot keep.

Key dates

08/01: A lack of harmony will affect your relationship.
14/02: You will pamper and look after your other half.
18/05: Keep communication alive with your loved one.
14/07: Loneliness does not scare you whatsoever.
19/09: Love from your partner will give you wings.
18/11: An extremely dull atmosphere in your relationship.
08/12: Love will come knocking on your door.
17/12: A charming Sagittarius could win you over.



Expect an upward trend in this domain. At the beginning of January, the transit of Mercury will send a huge amount of work your way. You could attend several professional training courses. Your concentration skills will have to be better than ever before. Your self-belief will help you earn the respect of your superiors. You will have the chance to negotiate a pay rise. It’s down to you to be reasonable enough in order not to lose everything you have.


Money will be the main thing on your mind, and the dissonance of Jupiter will give you reasons to be worried. 2014 will not be a fantastic year. You will realize that your budget is pretty limited. Make sure you know exactly what you can afford to spend! You could forget – more or less deliberately – to pay some of your bills, and be charged extra as a result. Come up with a sensible budget plan and do not live a lifestyle you cannot afford anymore.

Key dates

10/01: Expect tension and arguments with your colleagues.
15/01: You will take out a loan to buy a property.
01/03: Professional regrets will prevent you from moving forward.
05/03: Fatigue is getting the better of you. Have a rest.
02/04: Money matters will take center stage once again.
10/07: You will be forced to act as the peacemaker in the workplace.
02/09: In the office, you will make compromises to smooth the rough edges.
15/11: Huge financial issues could affect you.


Your wellness

The opposition between Neptune and the Sun will cause trouble in this domain. You will be shaken up by such a planetary configuration. Those influxes will boost your energy levels, before inciting your to have a rest and seek a peaceful environment. You will be on top of your game one day, and unrecognizable the next! Your body and mind will be more and more on the same wavelength as the year goes on. Try to look after your stability if you want to avoid mood swings.

Key dates

25/01: You will be oscillate between dullness and optimism.
05/03: Mentally strong, your energy levels will be given a boost. You will be in a good mood.
10/06: The planetary configuration will stimulate you. A good day in this domain.
02/08: A strong tendency to be nervous and overindulge.
23/09: Excited one minute, you will lack energy the next.
15/10: A messed up sleeping pattern will make you irritable.
20/11: You will be blessed with enough energy, but you will be very emotional.
28/12: Expect mood swings and an emotional rollercoaster of a day.