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2015 Horoscope

2015 Horoscope

2015 promises to be a generous yet rigorous year! Every single sign of the zodiac will have to roll their sleeves up, stop looking for the easy option and make sure no opportunity slip through their fingers…

A generous, fickle at times, Jupiter in Leo until August 11th 2015 will stimulate ambitions! The desire to be successful will be strong, too strong at times for some signs! They will, indeed, not know where to start! The influence of Saturn in the background will, however, allow other signs to quickly channel so much energy and keep their feet on the ground.

Jupiter moving into Virgo for the second half of the year will finally calm things down and make everybody a lot more realistic! No more showing off, you will have to start working hard under the supervision of a demanding Mars! It will be time to make Jupiter’s generous gifts earlier on in the year yield a profit. The planets will turn some signs into pioneers in such an unfamiliar environment. They will quickly find a way to improve their professional or sentimental lives. Other signs will follow in their footsteps with less convincing achievements and a tendency to regularly lose hope… But each and every one of you will reach their goals for 2015!