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Cancer 2015 Horoscope


Cancer 2015 Horoscope


A month during which you will lose your bearings! New year, new horizon – you will begin to doubt everything ! How could you cope with such an uncomfortable feeling generated by Saturn? Simply by taking the time to look at the facts instead of being too negative.


Try not to put the cart before the horse, on both the sentimental and professional fronts. It’s not time for concrete achievements or huge successes yet – make sure you appreciate small, temporary victories. Enjoy what you’ve got and make the most of what will be on the menu for you this month.


Why don’t you make the most of the spring in order to clear your mind? With a quick trip away or a relaxing day? Your bank account may not look its best, but recharging your batteries to tackle what promises to be a tough quarter seems necessary!


Try to spend as many quality moments as possible with your friends. Your need for love will be enhanced by the nice weather, especially if you’re single. But your friends will know how to cheer you up while you’re waiting to find your soul mate – or for your other half to get closer to you.


You haven’t completely got your confidence back as far as your love life is concerned. In order to fall back on your feet with the help of Venus finally on your side, why don’t you ask your friends or family to introduce to a potential suitor if you’re single? They will know how to get the ball rolling!


This looks like the ideal month to go on vacation. Work will be quiet, your finances will be healthy and you will feel on top of your game. Such a configuration will allow you to go away without a care in the world. Beach, city, local or faraway destination, you will be spoilt for choice!


Try to use less technology on a daily basis in order to feel more serene. Turn your cell phone and laptop off! Don’t worry, you will not miss out on anything if you warn your loved ones beforehand – simply tell them that you want to switch off for a little while!


Look after your body this month. Massages, stretching exercises and soft activities will all be on the cards. They will allow to relax and feel revitalized at the same time. Exactly what the doctor ordered to help you forget about the stress generated so far this year!


September will give you the opportunity to sort out your priorities for the next few months. You will be forced to deal with a few complications from as early as mid-September, which could unsettle your private life.


Use all your tact and diplomatic skills in order to solve various conflicts breaking out with your partner or loved ones this month. Not in the mood or dynamic enough to lose your temper, you will have no choice but to handle things peacefully!


You will have many projects in mind in order to move your career forward. Unfortunately, the planets will not be in the mood to help you climb up the professional ladder this month. Keep your ideas for later, and don’t tell anybody about them – someone could be trying to slow you down…


Take drastic action! Look at the bigger picture and forget about various misunderstandings. There’s no need to waste your time explaining yourself when no one will want to listen to you. Focus on making sure that Christmas isn’t ruined for you or your loved ones!