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Gemini 2015 Horoscope


Gemini 2015 Horoscope


Even if the end of the year has put a dent in your budget, January seems like the ideal month to invest, or at least work on your financial future. Not only will you be extremely intuitive, but Jupiter will also bring great opportunities your way!


Feeling a little bit down because of the influence of Saturn, you could lack enthusiasm in what promises to be a very dull winter. You will have to keep yourself busy and give positive thinking a try if you don’t want to let depression get the better of you!


You will be very clear-sighted on the love front this month. You will understand exactly what you need and what you no longer want. There’s no need to postpone decisions that must be made, be clear and honest with the one who should or should not have a part to play in your sentimental future.


The fear of failure will be your Achilles’ heel this spring, especially on the professional front. Try your best to get rid of anxiety and convince yourself that mistakes also allow you to gain experience! One must fall before he learns how to walk.


Express your feelings if you feel like there’s too much on your mind. There’s no need to keep your worries and questions to yourself. Your friends will know how to listen to you and provide you with great advice. You can count on them this month to make your life easier.


You will have done what was needed to improve your finances over the last few months. In June, you will have the opportunity to let yourself go before your next vacation! You can finally treat yourself! A few impulsive purchases will not hurt your bank account.


Despite the festive atmosphere around you, you will keep worrying about your professional situation. And rightly so: it would be a good idea not to stop looking for a job or trying to climb up the professional ladder. Don’t take your foot off the gas!


If you are single, your situation will probably remain unchanged this month and if you are taken, your relationship will seem to be at a standstill and you will not be keen to make any efforts with your partner. But should you stop believing in love as a result? Of course not! The next few months will prove you that!


Do not force yourself to make plenty of positive changes this fall – only one will be worth your time and efforts: getting your confidence back! Deploying your energy in areas where you normally excel will allow you to do so.


You can count on your intuition and charm! You could make some people jealous, but you will not care one bit. You will find it extremely easy to understand what your interlocutors want, which will be of great help on both the professional and sentimental fronts.

November 2015

Extremely enthusiastic, you could however have a tendency to put the blame on other people as soon as something will not be going right. Try to keep your feet on the ground and not let such a successful period get to your head.

December 2015

Take the bull by the horns in this final month of the year, don’t want for anyone to make the first move. Enjoy yourself and make plans for you and your friends, you’re the leader of the group, bear that in mind! You will, as a result, have a great month.