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Pisces 2015 Horoscope


Pisces 2015 Horoscope


A family argument could ruin the atmosphere this winter. Most people will be keener to make things worse than to dish out good advice. Take your courage in both hands and deal with the situation in person. A quick compromise could easily be reached.


Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself! Finding ways to relax at home or outdoors will be needed to look after your well-being. Prevention is better than cure. Don’t become that person who’s always got a cold!


Great harmony will strengthen your union. Don’t hesitate to spend time with your other half in order to forget about your current problems. If you’re single, you will enjoy having an old conquest of yours or a friend with benefits by your side.


You will find it extremely easy to meet new people, in both your private and professional lives. But don’t get attached to anyone, as their promises will often be short-lived. Simply make the most of the present moment.


The planetary configuration will urge you to look for a solid relationship. You’re not sure about expressing your feelings or moving in with your partner? Tangible progress will be encouraged this month, so stop being indecisive and go for it!


Don’t make promises you will not be able to keep. Willing and sincere on the love front, you will however not always have the necessary strength to see your projects through. Carefully analyze your feelings and intentions before getting involved in a relationship.


Your only objective this summer is to recharge your batteries! Doing more than your body can handle will be out of the question, fatigue will be threatening to get the better of you whether you like it or not. Besides, your budget will not exactly allow you to go mad anyway!


Make an effort to stay in touch with a few friends during the summer: go out with them, ring them up, send them an email… Isolating yourself will help you recharge your batteries, but it also make you feel pretty down at times. Find the right balance between loneliness and company!


It looks like nothing has changed over the summer, you will feel like you’re back in the same place as you were in June. However, considerable changes will soon be on the menu in several domains of your life. Enjoy the calm before the storm!


Seize the opportunities to move your career forward coming your way in the beginning of the month. Anything allowing you to better yourself from a professional point of view will be priceless over the next few months: training course, specialization, seminars…


Think about consolidating your love relationship during November. A baby or wedding could even be on the menu! Give it a serious thought, your other half will be exactly on the same wavelength as you!


You will find yourself walking a tight line on the financial front in December. You will have to spend realistically if you don’t want austerity to ruin your Christmas! Learn how to save up before the end of the year instead of letting money burn a hole in your pocket…