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Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope


You will be extremely wise on the financial front: big purchases will not be on the menu this month! Maintain a stable budget, without getting involved in short or long-term expansive projects. You will not be able to afford it! Don’t give in to temptation!


You will find it hard to keep your calm when dealing with the behavior of some of your superiors, but you will really have to! Go for a walk when stress is getting the better of you in order to avoid verbal blunders. Under the influence of a struggling Mercury, you wouldn’t be in the right!


Be more patient in your relationships with your friends or other half. Keen to either add stability or spice things up, your initiatives could generate long-lasting misunderstandings. Act smoothly!


Express your differences. Your need for security could lead you to try and fit in at all costs in order to be liked by everyone around you, especially by your partner. However, it’s your uniqueness that makes you such a charming and loveable individual!


Don’t get important changes underway this month. Intoxicated by the lovely spring weather, you will be tempted to rush things on the sentimental and financial fronts. You will waste a lot of energy as a result – transformations will not happen overnight.


Quickly set limits to the new faces making an appearance in your life this month in order to get a real idea of who they really are in the long run. Some will indeed only be concerned about their own best interests. That way, you will be able to avoid disillusions.


How could you find love this summer? By taking your courage in both hands! Hesitations and indecisiveness will scare potential conquests away! Don’t expect to be spoilt for choice, you will have to be the one making the first move!


There’s no need to keep looking at your bank balance, you will have done what was needed to enjoy a peaceful summer! And the planets will decide not to disturb your finances. You can definitely relax as far as your budget is concerned!


In order to enjoy the best start possible after the summer break, get things straight with some people around you who haven’t lived up to your expectations. You’re not overly demanding, but all your energy will be required to move your projects forward. The past must remain in the past.


Ignore a feeling of melancholy generated by Neptune in order to make the most of the long-term benefits of Mars. Concrete initiatives and achievements will indeed be supported in October. Your dark thoughts will come and go. Don’t pay any attention to them.


Take proofs of love or affection very seriously this month. Your partner or a potential suitor will try to get closer to you without you even realizing it! Single natives will probably miss out on great opportunities on the love front…


This is a month during which fatigue will well and truly get the better of you. You will try to isolate yourself in order to recharge your batteries. Think about spending time with your friends and family too, as they will know how to cheer you up and calm you down!