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Scorpio 2015 Horoscope


Scorpio 2015 Horoscope


You will feel the need to be entertained at all times under the influence of a buzzing Mars, but learn how to take the time to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere around you. Calm isn’t necessarily synonymous with boredom. Keep your nerves and impulses under control in this opening month of the year.


Your partner and friends could struggle to understand what’s got into you this month! Be as tactful and diplomatic as possible in order to avoid criticism. Ready to listen to you, your loved ones will be delighted to help you blossom.


A new face will turn out to be a very poisonous individual. Instead of ignoring warning signs or thinking you’re agile enough to slip through the net, delete him/her from your life as quickly as possible. Avoid taking needless risks and only surround yourself with people you trust.


Possessive, jealous, clingy and needy, you will pick up most of your usual bad habits on the love front… Realize how hard to live with you are becoming if you don’t want to scare your partner or next potential conquest away!


An ever-increasing workload will send your stress levels through the roof. You could begin to doubt your abilities or the direction you’re going in. Force yourself to go for long walks or watch light-hearted movies in order to clear your mind and sort your head out.


Craving freedom and novelty, you will pack your bags and sail away as soon as possible. Your loved ones will struggle to understand such an impulsive behavior. Explain yourself beforehand if you don’t want to hurt anybody.


You will have to take responsibility for such a feisty personality this summer! Being in the mood to express your feelings and desires will not justify harsh and hurtful comments to some of the people around you. Put a little water in your wine… if you can!


Tension and excitement are increasing as the summer goes on. Try to relax and clear your mind as soon as possible, by playing sports for example. Otherwise, your body could be quick to remind you that it needs to let off some steam from time to time too!


You will have to be extremely studious this September! Indeed, your professional life will require all your attention. Forget about love relationships at a standstill or needless criticism aimed at your partner in order to focus on what really matters only!


Slightly taken aback by a positive configuration, you will have to grab various opportunities coming your way on the financial and professional fronts as they arise. No you’re not dreaming, lady luck is finally on your side! Trust your intuition, and seize your chance!


Despite a lack of interest in your sentimental life, intense experiences will still be on the cards. Simply make sure you’re not too busy to enjoy them! When your partner or a potential conquest wants to spend time with you, say YES!


After a successful fall, your objectives are within arm’s length in this final month of the year. Is it not time to relax for a change? Don’t feel guilty about having to take a break, no one will criticize you for it!