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Virgo 2015 Horoscope


Virgo 2015 Horoscope


Make an effort to look after yourself from a physical and mental point of view. You will spend most of your energy this winter trying to get out of complicated relationships. Spa days, massages and shopping will all help you prevent stress from getting the better of you.


Take the time to think and analyze various options before making professional decisions. Don’t simply follow your intuition, as Neptune could lead you to make serious mistakes. Listen to your brain, and try to remember some of the lessons learnt in the past.


Why don’t you try to kiss and make up with your other half? You will no longer be in the mood for endless discussions and arguments this month. Make the first move, you will not regret it – swallow your pride!


In a flirty mood, you will lack tact with your potential « conquests ». Those sudden and short-lived relationships could leave you extremely confused. Add a hint of romanticism to your sentimental life.


Lacking motivation on the professional front, you will have to look for more fulfilling activities. Why don’t you take part in an old hobby of yours? Painting, writing, music… Artistic and creative activities will allow you to clear your mind.


You could seriously be tempted by a little trip away in June. What a good idea, especially as you’re feeling physically and mentally tired after a few demanding months. Looking after yourself will be necessary if you want to last the distance this year.


Concrete results will take time to come your way, but don’t worry, solid progress will soon be achieved on both the professional and sentimental fronts! A bit of a perfectionist, you will refuse to settle for second best!


On vacation or enjoying a much quieter period in the workplace, take the time to do things you keep postponing! Why don’t you take a look at your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes you no longer wear, for example?


Austerity will be on the menu this September, while fantasy will be nowhere to be seen! Save up instead of spending, be organized instead of leaving things to chance on the financial front. In other words, be a wise Virgo, not a crazy one!


You will have to keep a very close eye on your bank account! You will be in the mood to treat yourself, but Jupiter will force you to be extremely rigorous on the financial front! Use your imagination in order to find ways to spoil yourself that don’t break the bank!


Rely on your own skills and abilities only to manage your everyday life and move your projects forward. No matter how loud you will ask for help, none will come your way this month! Don’t waste your energy, only hard work will pay off.


Stress will not leave you alone despite the end of the year and the Christmas period fast approaching. Distance yourself from the people or situations that make you nervous. Don’t worry, the earth will not stop spinning as a result!