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Cancer 2016 Horoscope


Cancer 2016 Horoscope


As far as your family is concerned, and thanks to Venus, you will have to wait for the second half of the month to enjoy positive relationships with the people around you. Don’t add oil to the fire until then! On the professional front, you should be able to take positive actions that will pay off in the future thanks to the Moon/Jupiter sextile.


The Venus/Mars sextile will drop its bags in your sky this month, and your love life will benefit from its presence. Able to build your self-confidence up, you will attempt to be more flexible on the sentimental front. The dissonances of the Sun/Mars square will try to slow your career down. Work to the best of your ability in order not to give anyone any excuse to put you down…


Through the influxes of the Moon/Mars sextile, you will be able to make the most of your energy levels. You will be more dynamic than ever before in March! Eat less, but eat better quality products! In the workplace, you will have full control over your career. It’s down to you to build solid foundations for it. Don’t hesitate to dig deep!


Your energy levels will let you down this April. With a dissonant Moon, you will feel pretty tired, down and bitter. Under the influence of the square of Saturn, you will have the impression that your partner is ignoring you. You will feel like a gooseberry! Find ways to recharge your batteries and perk yourself up!


You will be electric throughout the month of May. Who’s to blame? Easy: the Moon/Uranus conjunction! On the sentimental front, you will have the impression that those who are close to you want to get away from you, while those who don’t really know you want to be around you! Even your friends will stress you out. Give meditation a try.


On the professional front, you will be far too unpredictable this month. With the square formed by the Moon, you will say one thing and do the exact opposite, which will unsettle your family and collaborators. Sort your head out! With your family, you will be on edge! The dissonances of Venus will highlight your jealous nature…


Your love life will literally crumble this July. Under the Venus/Pluto opposition, you will be pretty bitter and full on rude! Find a way to save your reputation, and quick! Under the influence of the sextile of Jupiter, you could be offered a new position directly or indirectly linked with a foreign country. Dust off those linguistic skills of yours!


From the very beginning of August, the Moon/Neptune opposition will run riot in your sign. Happiness and satisfaction will soon disappear from your life! You will be extremely nervous as a result. With the opposition of the Moon, some of your friends could take advantage of you. Use your common sense!


With the presence of the great Venus/Saturn sextile, love will grab all the headlines this month! In a fantastic mood, you will be eager to look for ways to fulfill your desires. Overcome your shyness! As far as money is concerned, the Sun/Pluto trine will bring prosperity your way. You will have more elbow room than ever before on the financial front.


Thanks to the influence of the Venus/Saturn planetary configuration, you will try your best to be a real leader for your family this October. In fact, being available for everybody around you will be essential to you this month. On the professional front, you will be looking for new centers of interest. The Moon/Saturn conjunction will keep you motivated. Don’t give up halfway through!


On the professional front, you could have ants in your pants this November. And Venus will be in a position to grant all your wishes! You will not hesitate to take initiatives in order to move your career forward. Under the protection of the Venus/Saturn conjunction, banks and credit card companies will not be able to say no to you! Don’t hesitate to ask for anything you like!


Dear Cancer, the Moon/Mars conjunction will be in your sky at the beginning of the month. Your energy levels will be given a real boost until December 31. You will be so dynamic! There will be nothing to worry about in the workplace, where 2017 will bring its fair share of good news. Get ready to move your career forward!