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Capricorn 2016 Horoscope


Capricorn 2016 Horoscope


Pluto will give you the possibility to climb up the professional ladder. You will have all the tools needed at your disposition to work to the best of your ability. As a result, you will make useful contacts in the workplace. With the sun, you will know how to look after your love life and take initiatives at the right time. You can look forward to a good start of the year, if January is anything to go by!


Good news, the Venus/Mercury conjunction will be present in your professional sky throughout the month of February! Your intellectual abilities will become more valuable than your manual skills. Comfortable in your sign, the Venus/Mars sextile will make you more ambitious from a financial and materialistic point of view.


This month, the Jupiter/Pluto trine will introduce you to a skillful and influential individual on the professional front, who will allow you to hit the ground running in the workplace! As far as your physical well-being is concerned, you will not leave anything to chance. With the presence of Jupiter, you will know how to listen to your body.


In a bad mood with your partner? That will be pretty likely in April, as the Sun/Pluto square will hang out in the sector of your love life. You could be under severe criticism and lose control of your sentimental relationship. Learn how to ride this planetary storm and keep your temper at all times.


You will like being the one in charge in the workplace, but taking into account your collaborators’ opinions will not be forbidden either. The Jupiter/Pluto trine will allow you to make the most of both your thinking skills and your experience. But be careful, love will make you blind! The Uranus/Pluto square will point you in the direction of various traps and unrealistic projects.


In June, your analytical skills will be second to none with the Mercury/Pluto trine. Love will no longer have any secrets for you. On the financial front, you will build extremely solid foundations for yourself, especially with the help and support of Mercury. You will be able to speculate without a worry in the world.


My Capricorn friend, with the Sun/Pluto opposition in July, there will be significant weaknesses in almost every domain of your life: love, money and career. You will be forced to step out of your comfort zone! You will often have no choice but to swim against the tide and make huge efforts if you want to keep your head above water this month!


You will get more out of your friendships by being a less bossy than usual. Funny and playful, you will be extremely popular amongst your friends this month. Under the influence of the new Moon, you will not exactly take your foot off the gas in August. In fact, you will literally not stop for a second!


Your love life will be highlighted this month. Indeed, under the influxes of the Sun/Pluto trine, you will be extremely charming and attractive. However, you will also tend to be pretty intense and self-centered. Just like a boomerang, your egocentricity could come back to hit your right on the head this month!


In the workplace, you will have a tendency to get carried away this month. With the Sun/Mars square, you will find it impossible to stick to what you’ve been given. My Capricorn friend, you will always aim higher, even if that means encroaching upon some of your colleagues’ territory. Be reasonable and stop trying too hard!


With the Mars/Pluto duo, your batteries will need charging this November. Plan relaxing weekends, in the countryside or by the sea if possible. Mars looking after your professional life will do all the hard work for you! With its help and support, you will feel a lot more serene in the workplace than in every other domain this month.


Even if you are worried about one thing or another, the Moon/Pluto/Venus trio will allow you to get closer to your family this December. And those positive relationships will last well into the new year! On the professional front, expect a brilliant month. Hard work will be required, but you will be able to expand your field of activity!