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Gemini 2016 Horoscope


Gemini 2016 Horoscope


Physical attraction and mental connection in love this month! You will be very charming, mainly thanks to the presence of the Mercury/Venus sextile. Don’t change a thing… In the workplace, the square of Mars will make you far too touchy. You will be emotionally raw. Don’t be so self-centered, my Gemini friend!


The Mercury/Venus conjunction sextile Mars in February will highlight your sensual desires. To fulfill them, you will not be afraid to give libertinism a go! As far as your finances are concerned, the Mercury/Jupiter trine will allow you to be strict enough while still enjoying yourself. In a real pleasure-seeking mood, it will be down to you not to go too far!


Dear Gemini, the Mercury/Mars square will make you very argumentative with your colleagues. You will spend most of your energy looking for confrontation! Your aggressiveness will reach its peak during the final ten days of the month. Calm yourself down, don’t needlessly put your job on the line!


On the sentimental front, the Sun/Mercury conjunction will put you in a very mischievous mood in April. Your sexual desires will be extremely hard to keep under control! The Mercury/Uranus conjunction will urge you to take calculated risks on the professional front. You will be extremely clear-headed. Do whatever it takes to fulfill your wishes.


With the Mercury/Pluto trine, you will be tenacious in the workplace this May. Very experienced, you will be full of excellent ideas. Things will be slightly more complicated regarding your love life, where the Mercury/Lilith opposition will add oil to the fire. Your passive attitude will truly get on your partner’s nerves. Wake up!


Under the Mercury/Mars opposition, you will come across as a real dictator with your family and in the workplace this month. You will be far too radical. A bit of a control-freak, try to be as smooth as possible when giving out orders or telling people what to do if you don’t want to find yourself all alone in June!


My Gemini friend, the Moon/Sun/Venus/Mercury quartet will have plenty of ups and downs in store for you in every domain of your life this July. As a result, you will go from good to bad, even terrible at times, in the blink of an eye. Expect an extremely mixed month. Your thoughts and initiatives will be essential to your well-being. Try to stay positive!


Victim of the Jupiter/Neptune opposition in August, you will truly lack in foresight this month, which explains why money will burn a hole in your pocket! In love, the Venus/Neptune opposition will urge you to cheat on your partner. You will be eager to push your limits, from both a sexual and financial point of view. Learn how to keep your primal instincts under control!


In love, you will be more tolerant than usual in September. The Mercury/Jupiter conjunction will have a soothing effect on your love life, where all dark clouds will finally disappear. Phew! With Jupiter, this will be the time to check out the potential returns of your investments. You will have the opportunity to move your life forward. Make sure you know how to grab it as it arises!


My Gemini friend, you will be extremely volatile on the sentimental front throughout the month of October, especially with the presence of Mercury! You could begin to question your whole love life on a whim. Don’t let negative thoughts get the better of you! In the workplace, you could prove to be slightly too authoritarian. Stop acting like you’re the boss when it’s someone else’s role!


Mercury will give your libido a boost in November. You will be in a real pleasure-seeking mood! Enjoy yourself… With positive solar influxes, this will be the ideal time to negotiate a new contract in the workplace. A pay rise could be on the cards. Get your calculator out!


You will finish off the year feeling exhausted. Under the influence of the Mercury/Pluto duo, your energy levels will plummet down. Have you thought about taking vitamins? On the sentimental and professional fronts, you will be far too weak. By trying to be everywhere at the same time, you will end up being nowhere at all, especially under the influence of Pluto! Focus on your priorities.