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Leo 2016 Horoscope


Leo 2016 Horoscope


In love, the first two weeks of January will be pretty average. The Sun/Uranus square will make you extremely clumsy. Things will get better from the 16th onwards, when you will begin making up for the lost time… As far as your finances are concerned, with the dissonances of the Sun, you will make one mistake after another! Be careful…


You will be able to take your professional life to the next level thanks to the Sun/Saturn sextile this February. Unexpected satisfactions will be on the cards. But it will be a completely different story on the sentimental front. Because of the square of Mars, you will find out that love doesn’t last forever. A break-up cannot be ruled out. Learn how to compromise.


This month, your finances will be put under the spotlight. Things may be heating up a bit in that domain… With the Jupiter/Saturn opposition, you could owe money to the government and some of your belongings may even be repossessed! Get back on top of your administrative paperwork, and quick!


Thanks to the transit of the Sun, you will be able to move your love life forward during the whole month of April. Make the most of it! As far as your career is concerned, the Sun/Saturn trine will be your favorite planetary configuration. Your patience, determination and relentless nature will be your best assets.


My Leo friend, the Sun/Venus conjunction could well give your love life a real boost this May. Those two planets will be particularly eager to look after you. You will be more charming than ever before! Venus will have the same positive influence on the professional front, where your direct style will be appreciated.


Your career will be at a standstill in June. The new Moon raising its voice will make things harder for you on the professional front. In such a context, you will have to ask yourself the right questions. On the sentimental front, you will run out of confidence. You will find it extremely hard to figure out exactly where you currently stand. Give yourself a bit of time!


The Sun/Jupiter sextile will prevent you from making mistakes on the financial front in July. Thanks to its support, you will come up with genius ideas and you will know how to seize various opportunities as they arise in that domain. Go for it! As far as your family is concerned, Jupiter will teach you how to be generous, kind and sweet this month!


This Month, the Sun will form a trine with Saturn. You will have the opportunity to find a real gem on the sentimental front this month. Look after him/her as carefully as you can! The Sun will allow you to be more mature on the professional front. You could launch your own business or set up a partnership. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it.


With the financial help of the Sun/Pluto trine in September, you will finally manage to save up a considerable amount of money. Your sex drive will be given a boost by powerful solar influxes. Being reunited with an ex, getting closer to someone in particular or meeting a complete stranger will truly excite you this month. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Fulfilling your potential or learning a lot more about a particular subject will be your two options for October under the influence of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. With the presence of the Sun stimulating your libido, you will be closer than ever to your other half. Expect a whimsical month!


My Leo friend, the influxes of the Sun/Moon sextile will help you get more involved on the professional front. Such a configuration will lend weight to your arguments throughout the month of November. You will know how to fight for yourself. With the Moon, you will feel the need to invest in the stock market. You will win or be gifted some money this month.


The Sun in a fire sign will highlight your loving personality. You will be capable of warming up even the coldest of atmospheres! You will make everyone around you extremely happy. With the Moon/Mars conjunction, you will be productive during this final month of the year. You will make it a personal mission of yours to raise your social status.