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Libra 2016 Horoscope


Libra 2016 Horoscope


In love, you will start actively looking for your ideal relationship, thanks to the Venus/Saturn conjunction. You will be full of hope! As far as money is concerned, Venus will encourage you to save up. With it being your main priority this year, you will begin spending less from as early as in January!


The Venus/Mars sextile will give your energy levels and libido a real boost this February. Extremely dynamic, you will be borderline aggressive at times, which will actually be quite useful as far as your projects are concerned! In love, you will be clever enough to put your disagreements aside in order to move forward and paper over a few cracks…


Your sentimental life will be highlighted by the Venus/Uranus sextile. Everything will be put in place to allow you to fall in love with a stranger in March! Try to keep your feet on the ground if you can… The Venus/Mercury conjunction will give you the opportunity to rely on your friends. Listen to their excellent words of advice.


The Moon/Jupiter opposition will negatively affect your sentimental relationship(s) in April. You could cheat or be cheated on! Keep your eyes peeled. In the workplace, my Libra friend, you will be able to rely on the Moon/Neptune conjunction. Welcome to your comfort zone!


Under the transit of the Venus/Sun duo in May, your finances will be given a real boost and your current professional situation will make you happy. Don’t hesitate to spend or invest money this month! Everything you will touch will turn into gold, no doubt about it. On the professional front, a new partnership could be on the menu.


Until mid-June, the Sun/Jupiter square will generate a multitude of issues on the professional and financial fronts! Be patient and learn how to ride such a planetary storm! Around June 20, your sky will once again clear up in those domains. A rainbow could even be spotted if you’re lucky!


The Moon/Mars trine will allow you to shine and be extremely convincing this month. Your opinions will always be listened to, almost religiously. The Moon will also highlight your communication skills on the professional front. You will be second to none when it comes to winning customers over in July!


The Venus/Uranus trine will encourage you to move your financial situation forward in August. Indeed, taking risks will pay off, and you could come into some serious money this month! As far as your professional situation is concerned, make the most of the current planetary configuration to look for a new employer. It’s down to you to take the plunge!


This September, Venus will drop its bags in your sky and the conjunction it will form with Jupiter will turn you into a real genius in the workplace, where your colleagues and managers will find it hard to keep up with you. Venus will also allow you to have a reassuring impact on your family, with whom you will always know how to play down various issues.


Jupiter will highlight a potential business trip in October. You could be away for longer than a few days, so pack your bags appropriately! Meanwhile, the Sun will look after your energy levels. Its influence will allow you to recharge your batteries! You will be more powerful and determined than usual as a result.


Your brilliant professional intuitions will come from the Sun/Neptune trine in November. You will know in advance what is expected of you. Impressive! In love, the Venus/Saturn conjunction will allow you to keep yourself entertained. You will have many opportunities to have a good time on the sentimental front!


Your financial situation, protected by Saturn, will deserve to be thoroughly analyzed. You will make important decisions allowing you to make a considerable profit in 2017! The Sun will allow you to get your hunger back on the professional front, where you will take positive initiatives as a result. About time…