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Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope


Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope


With the Saturn/Neptune square, your energy levels will be extremely unstable. Tormented by various existential questions, you will be exhausted! From January 16, the planetary conjunction will chase your negative thoughts away. In a much better mood, you will be able to look after your love life more carefully.


With a very good Saturn, you will manage to fully recharge your batteries in February. You will stock up on all kinds of energies! In the workplace, the Saturn/Uranus trine will make it impossible for you to ever give up. Your professional situation will constantly improve, you will be known as the employee to go to when something needs to be done.


The influxes of Mars will stimulate your brain cells throughout the month of March. In a confident and positive mood, you will be encouraged to work harder than usual by the presence of Saturn. In fact, you will turn into a real workaholic! In love, with the Venus/Mars square, you will be the one in charge! Beware of a potential uprising from your other half…


Dear Sagittarius, you will be very concerned about your love life this April. The Venus/Mars trine will ask you to make plenty of efforts on the sentimental front. Stop moaning! At work, with the Mars/Jupiter square, you will find yourself surrounded with various conspiracy theories… Remain neutral and stay away from it all. Don’t let anyone manipulate you!


With the Jupiter/Saturn square, you will be less likely to have fun with your family than usual this month. You will simply feel different from everyone around you! Pretty apathetic under the dissonances of Saturn, you will no longer be eager to spend all your energy fighting for scraps… Be careful not to end up totally depressed!


The Venus/Saturn opposition will have an infuriating month in store for you. You will no longer be able to rely on a stable income. As a result, you will lack stability from a financial point of view. Similarly, your love stories will be doomed before they even start. In a sulky mood at the beginning of the month, you will not hesitate to express how hopeless you feel!


The monthly transit of the Saturn/Neptune square in July will ask you to pay a lot of attention to your professional situation this month. You could be deemed surplus to requirements in the workplace! Besides, the Venus/Pluto opposition will anesthetize your libido throughout the entire month! You will literally freeze on the sentimental front!


Your energy levels will not let you down under the Mars/Saturn conjunction this month. The help of those planets will make a real difference throughout August, allowing you to get a multitude of projects underway. On the sentimental front, the Venus/Mars square will trigger a real conflict, but you will be unable to speak your mind and say what’s wrong!


Under the domination of the Moon/Jupiter square, you will be extremely aggressive on the professional front this September! You will be very eager and willing, but you will find it impossible to get your messages properly across. Try not to get your wires crossed! The Moon will shake your life up this month, and it will be down to you to make sure you land on your feet…


My Sagittarius friend, people will have to prove their worth to you on the sentimental front this month. Indeed, the Saturn/Neptune square will make it extremely hard to approach you! Under the influxes of Saturn, you could begin to reject the tasks you will be given. Struggling to cope with any form of authority, you will isolate yourself from the rest of the world!


In love, you will be torn between the desire to bounce back up and the temptation to let yourself go. On the professional front, a fresh new start will give you your motivation back, but not before the second half of November. Indeed, the Moon/Saturn/Venus trio will be extremely dissonant at the beginning of the month.


With the presence of the Sun/Saturn conjunction, you will know how to declare your love for your partner or potential conquests. Blessed with new abilities, you will be capable of pushing your limits this month. Things will be happening everywhere around you, much to your delight. Your compliments will melt a few hearts in this final month of the year.