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Scorpio 2016 Horoscope


Scorpio 2016 Horoscope


In this opening month of the year, the presence of the Mars/Neptune trine will be enough to spice up your love life. Good news, you could be able to get a long-lasting relationship underway. My Scorpio friend, Neptune could truly help you make the right choices on the professional front, where it will stop you from getting lost on more than one occasion!


Important decisions will have to be made regarding your finances. Those calls will be tough to make, but they will be designed to make you happier and more independent in the future. The Mars/Jupiter sextile will help you make your mind up. Be brave! In love, with the Mars/Sun square, you will prove to be extremely careless! Pay more attention…


An intense Sun/Jupiter opposition could cause considerable damage to your sentimental life in March. No longer feeling like trying to rescue your relationship, you will hold a few grudges instead. Jupiter will negatively affect your energy levels. Failing to realize how irritable you are, you will find yourself literally exhausted before the end of the month!


In the workplace, you will be a loyal employee this month. Disciplined and obedient, the Mars/Saturn conjunction will make your everyday routine slightly more exciting than usual, which was needed. My Scorpio friend, unexpected expenditures will spoil the mood. April will get off to a pretty tense start! You will be pretty angry…


At work, you could form an unbeatable duo with one of your colleagues. The Sun/Jupiter trine will highlight your training and teaching skills in May. The Sun/Mercury conjunction will speed things up as far as your finances are concerned. You will not quite lose control, but you will certainly take a few initiatives that domain!


The Lilith/Neptune trine will cheer you up on the sentimental front. However, don’t accept just anything in the name of love! Don’t hesitate to assert your personality even if your partner attempts to dominate your relationship. Strong lunar dissonances will negatively affect your energy levels. You will have no choice but to dig deep if you want to make it through June unscathed.


With the Venus/Mars trine, you will give your relationship a boost by being more confident and optimistic than usual in July. Such a new approach will allow you to get closer to your other half. Stay tolerant. In the workplace, everything will seem so much easier with the help of Mars. You will be able to take giant leaps forward on the professional front!


With the Venus/Neptune opposition, your love life will seem pretty confusing in August. As a result, you could simply decide to ignore it for the time being and sort your head out first. You will be fed up of playing games. Under the strong dissonance of Neptune, a feeling of exasperation will get the better of your professional life…


In the workplace, you will be full of ideas. In September, you will be impressively tenacious. A real winner, you will not let anyone encroach upon your territory. As far as your energy levels are concerned, Jupiter will make you extremely dynamic. You will feel a good ten or 20 years younger this month!


Just like a predator eyeing up his prey, you will be able to hunt down financial opportunities throughout the month of October. Venus in your sign will point them out to you. Under the domination of Pluto, the atmosphere will be slightly different on the love front. You will purposely leave your guard down, hoping for someone to come and whisk you away…


This month, your sentimental relationship(s) will be truly disjointed, especially when the Jupiter/Uranus opposition will get involved as well. You will devote yourself to your work in order to forget about various disappointments on the love front. With the influxes of the Sun and Mercury, such a therapy will prove successful.


The Sun/Jupiter sextile trine Mars will allow you to settle any potential debts this month. You will finish off the year in more encouraging fashion than you started it. Your personality will no longer be criticized by your in-laws. Hallelujah! And you will enjoy a wonderful month of December in the company of your partner too!