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Virgo 2016 Horoscope


Virgo 2016 Horoscope


Your energy levels will literally rocket up in January. The Moon/Jupiter sextile will give you a real boost. Make the most of this opening month of the year! On the professional front, Jupiter will allow you to thrive in the face of adversity. Keep on moving forward!


Expect a very mixed February as far as your love life is concerned. Under the Moon/Mercury sextile, your relationship could become nothing more than a cohabitation. You will become far too predictable. Change! The Moon will allow you to get your finances back under control. You will be able to sit down and realize how hard you’ve been working recently. Enjoy it!


With the presence of the Jupiter/Saturn square in March, you will feel like you’re not very important… And constantly putting yourself down will not make things any better! You will have a tendency to overthink things. In love, with the dissonance of Saturn, you will have the impression that some people are preventing you from being happy. Speak your mind!


On the sentimental front, you will very quickly lose hope this month. The Jupiter/Neptune opposition will generate many disagreements and arguments. Hard to stay in love in those conditions… The Moon/Jupiter opposition will urge you to give in to all kinds of temptations. You will be your body’s worst enemy!


The Sun/Jupiter trine will stimulate your social life. During the month of May, you will be delighted to be reunited with some old friends of yours. You will have so many things to talk about! With the trine of Pluto, you will stop being so down-to-earth and decide to chase your desires instead. You will be introduced to a world of debauchery!


The atmosphere is likely to take a turn for the worse in June! With the great Sun/Jupiter planetary square, don’t forget to put your helmet on at all times! Your finances will be under attack, and you will not manage to get them back under control. And with your energy levels negatively affected by the presence of Jupiter, you will find yourself completely exhausted before the end of the month!


The Venus/Jupiter sextile will allow your finances to finally take off this month! It will be down to you to find the right cruising altitude in that domain! On the professional front, you could get a new sales project underway. You will be very methodological and extremely career-driven.


With the Jupiter/Moon/Mercury trio this August, expect a busy month on the professional front. You won’t have a minute to yourself. Find ways to manage your schedule as efficiently as possible. This will be a bad month as far as your family is concerned. With the Venus/Mars square, shots will be fired left, right and center. Don’t join in! Finally, your love life will not be amongst your priorities.


In the workplace, beware of a few misunderstandings that could spoil the atmosphere and even put your actual job on the line in September. The Sun/Saturn square will be dissonant, while the Sun/Mars square will make you considerable weaker than usual this month. Beware of falls and injuries. Nothing major, but you will be easily distracted…


My Virgo friend, under the dissonance of the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, you will be naive throughout this month of October. Don’t think that burying your head in the sand or running away from your responsibilities will allow you to solve your problems. You will struggle to get a particular thorn out of your side… It will be down to you to take the bull by the horns.


With the Mercury/Pluto sextile in November, if doors shut in front of you on the professional front, you will find a way in through the window! You will be extremely strong-minded and resolved, which will earn you some praise. Mars will calm you down and help you relax. You will give positive thinking a try this month… And you will never look back!


With the Mercury/Pluto, you will be more indecisive than ever on the sentimental front. You will systematically question your entire love life as soon as something will not go your way. Don’t spoil what should have been a happy month! In the workplace, Mercury will turn you into a bit of a perfectionist. But be careful not to let that slow you down too much!