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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope


Aquarius 2017 Horoscope


Sow well to reap well!

Buddy Aquarius, a professional transfer might be hovering around, especially with the Saturn-Uranus trine! At work and in your love life, you’ll be extremely confident. You »ll be determined and adamant about getting to the bottom of your decisions and ambitions!


Need to change everything!

Due to the Mercury-Venus sextil, you’ll bank on your adaptable nature to bring in the necessary changes to your professional well-being. With so much effort, you’ll be heard…Due to Sun’s visit, you’ll be able to regenerate quite easily.


A chain of disagreements!

With dissonances from Uranus, your love life will be anything but solid. You might throw in the towel at the slightest issue. Get a grip on yourself! As for your work, due to a pincer attack by Martian impulses, you’re going to sway between passiveness and the desire to bare your teeth. Smile please!


Alone against the world!

You’ll be extremely narcissistic in your family. Dissonances from Mercury will affect your ego! You’ll think you’re better than everybody! At work, the Uranus-Jupiter opposition will make you the most rebellious. You won’t accept the slightest remark.


You’ll need to roll up your sleeves.

In your love life, Venus will be moody! It’ll be in dissonance with Jupiter. You’ll hate to get ruled with an iron fist. Due to bad impulses from Venus once again, your financial trouble will make you restless. During the month, you’ll think only about your debts and the pressure will slowly rise.


Put your foot down for your finances!

You’ll be like a squirrel approaching winter with your money. With the Mercury-Uranus sextil, you’ll feel invigorated by this planetary presence. This is why all your initiatives will be successful. You’ll be on the fast track with your finances.


No friends during holidays!

In your friend circle, there will be too many dissenting opinions, even for you. Due to opposition from Sun and Mars, you won’t hesitate to exclude deviant attitudes. If you were thinking of going on vacation with the same friends in July, it’ll leave a bitter taste!


In your love life, press on start.

Buddy Aquarius, Uranus will give you the necessary aggressiveness to trigger the start button. Eventually this will boost you and your partner will expect naughty suggestions. The powerful events will have an effect on you! You’ll cross your fingers, hoping to make your wishes come true.


A great memory!

This month, you’re going to sort out your priorities as soon as you get to work. Boosted by the Mercury-Uranus trine, you’ll favor those files which have a good chance at succeeding. For your vitality, Mercury will try to balance out your internal malfunctions.


A snitch at heart!

Under the Sun-Uranus opposition and in your work, you’ll criticize easily and nobody will find favor with you. This month, you’ll feel like swinging remarks and blames. You’ll go over the actions of your colleagues with a fine-tooth comb. Anything will be an excuse to let off steam….


Think about warm-ups!

Through the Mars-Uranus opposition, your nervousness will penalize your behavior. Your body’s machinery will go through frictions. Some events will get on your nerves and your vitality will be subject to incredible tensions. If you do sports, think about taking care of your muscular system.


Good luck on its way…

Partly due to Uranus’s presence, your partner will be in keeping with your emotional stereotype and you’ll be filled with happiness. You’ll be romantic and will really be in love with your partner. Super happy, fertility is on its way. It’ll be a nice Christmas gift…