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Cancer 2017 Horoscope


Cancer 2017 Horoscope


Focus your strengths!

Due to the Moon-Pluto trine, your sensual relations will increase, especially mid-month. Pleasure on every level! In your family, things will be back on track and there won’t be any more fights. Buddy Cancer, harmony will be threefold.


Cold sweats….

Buddy Cancer, due to the Moon-Mercury planetary opposition, you’ll be discouraged. If this carries on, you’ll lose the trust of your closest colleagues. A piece of advice: stop listening to rumors and concentrate on your job.


Restraint, above all!

Lunar dissonances will add on to family conflicts. You’ll keep a low profile until all this calms down. Don’t add fuel to the fire…As for your finances, Jupiter will make you pound-foolish. One thing is for sure: you won’t respect your budget!


Good things come to those who wait!

With the help of the Moon-Neptune trine, things will work out perfectly in your job. Your force of conviction and unifying mind will do miracles. In your love life, dissonances from Pluto will increase repeated disagreements. Buddy Cancer, this planet will press where it hurts…


Love will still be a mystery!

Due to the Mars-Neptune square, you won’t be able to find the right balance and might not get anywhere with your love life. With Venus, you won’t put all your eggs in the same basket. This is why your financial capital will evolve even further!


Losing it!

Under the influence of dissonances from Mars and Saturn, you’ll be judgmental and will give your opinion on clients and colleagues. You won’t be derogatory…Moreover, your professional persistence of putting the cart before the horse will only bring you additional trouble.


A weak body…

Your dynamism will be accused in July. Strong lunar dissonances will put a stop to your fast pace! You need to have a better control over your body and listen to precursory signs. Indeed, you don’t seem to pay attention to them these days.


Angel or demon?

Buddy Cancer, you’ll be extremely paradoxical with your family due to the Venus-Saturn opposition. Indeed, you’ll be over-active and calm at the same time. This will drive them nuts. You’ll be protective at times and indifferent during others…


Inconstant: a little too much…

With the Sun-Neptune opposition, you’ll have a hard time being satisfied by only one relationship. You’ll have a strong desire to look elsewhere this month. Under the protection of the Mercury-Uranus duo, you’ll believe in your lucky star for anything to do with your professional activity.


Lack of finesse…

Due to the negative opposition from Sun and Uranus, there will be many tensions and you won’t be understanding. You’ll be sharp and won’t less yourself get trapped by love. By always wanting to take the same path, you’ll take a turn towards a dead end.


Dreams without hope!

Due to Pluto’s opposition, you’ll dream about great love like in your favorite mushy movies. Buddy Cancer, you’ll get the chance to dream and you’ll lack maturity. You’ll be taken in bu illusions and you’ll never see it coming. In short, you’ll dream about Mr. Perfect and it’ll never happen.


Just like an army general!

Your behavior will be a lot like the military. In your job, you’ll reap rewards. The Sun-Saturn conjunction will give you five stars for your initiatives. Like a commando, you’ll react quickly and well. By avoiding tensions and getting round hurdles, you’ll make your way.