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Gemini 2017 Horoscope


Gemini 2017 Horoscope


People skills!

At the beginning of the year, you might do a training in order to manage a little team. Thanks to the Mercury-Venus sextil, you’ll have a critical and creative mind. It’ll help you be a visionary! In your love life, you won’t be outdone. You’ll take very good resolutions.


An auspicious month!

If you’re in a couple, the Mercury-Venus sextil will be synonymous with paradise! If you’re single, you’ll be delighted as a past relationship will reappear. The Jupiter trine will allow you to devote yourself to your professional tasks with sincerity. Beautiful motivation!


Love, always love!

The Mercury-Lilith trine will help you position yourself in your love life. You’ll really want to experience as many emotions as possible. The Mars-Jupiter opposition will bring an end to several professional opportunities. Wait for the next month to go along with your plans.


Way too egoistic…

In your friend circle and with dissonances from Mercury, you’ll fall back in the same trap, namely: assert your ideas so that everyone thinks like you and avoid all possible disputes. For work, you’ll go from one project to another. Eventually, it’ll lead you to a stalemate.


You’ll succeed at everything…

You’ll know your professional strength like the back of your hand, you’ll try to make your superiors proud. With the Mars-Jupiter tine, your gray matter will be at its peak. Due to Mars’s presence, you’ll stock up on positive impulses. You’ll be extremely energetic!


A catastrophic scenario!

Buddy Gemini, Mars-Jupiter dissonances are going to considerably decrease your romantic side. During June, you won’t be attentive to your relationship’s needs. You won’t be affectionate. You’ll have too many stereotypes and prejudices in your love life.


Seriousness and fantasy!

You’ll note down every single penny spent to manage your budget. Up to you to trigger luck, especially if you want to earn some more pennies, especially with he presence of the Mercury-Saturn trine. In friendship, anything is a good excuse to party and have fun, especially since Mercury will be present.


Your calling? Money…

This month, with the Sun-Saturn trine impulses, fiscal questions will be your weakness! You’ll use this summery period to read many financial reviews. Jupiter will elucidate your friend circle. Some relations will be highlighted and this will propel you.


Head of the family!

Through the Mercury-Mars conjunction, you won’t forget a party or a birthday. You’ll adjust to the idea of being the memory of your family. You’ll play this role wonderfully and with a lot of enthusiasm. Icing on the cake, you’ll give priority to others more than yourself.


Sagely calculated risks!

Benefiting from the Mercury-Saturn sextil, you’ll be less finicky about performing your professional tasks. During October, you’ll waste less time on paperwork and earn more in efficiency. During fall, you’ll follow new instructions.


Without vitamins, it’s not going to happen!

You’ll forget all about your parent’s advice on vitality due to Mercury’s dissonant presence. You’ll soon be out of breath as you won’t take care of your body. You’ll be over the top with your eating habits, drinking sugary drinks. This will make you put on weight and increase your blood pressure.


A halo of kindness!

This day will be the most intense period of the year and it’ll coincide with the remarkable honor or the planetary Stellium. Your love life will be glorified and you’ll be the family leader. For your business, this astral configuration will bring you significant rewards!