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Leo 2017 Horoscope


Leo 2017 Horoscope


In an impulsive way!

Due to the Sun-Jupiter square, you’ll lack tact and might make serious judgment mistakes. This extremely unpleasant cocktail will put you at a disadvantage at work. In your couple, you’re going to see the wrong everywhere and this will make your partner turn his back on you. Reassure him more…


A rewarding strategy!

With the Sun-Jupiter trine, you’ll constantly progress in your job. Regularity and seriousness will boost your rise to power. Your professional bright spell might have a direct or indirect effect on your finances. This month, you’ll have new means at your disposal for banking investments.


An appreciated leader!

For your love life, the Sun-Lilith trine will brush away all your inhibitions. You’re going to let go and relish forbidden pleasures! Mercury will make you meet new people, who’ll become sincere friends. Buddy Leo, you’re going to have intense discussions.


Tightrope zodiac!

In your work, it’ll be time for communication. The Sun-Saturn trine will allow you to set out your opinions. Be skilful! As for money, the Saturn-Uranus trine will give you the chance to make small speculations. Buddy Leo, it’s better to be a step ahead…


Good skills!

During family reunions, you’ll be rather optimistic and not pessimistic. The solar star will assuage you. In your job and due to Mars’s intervention, you’ll be able to find interesting projects and useful contacts to develop them.


War paint!

In your family, you need to avoid superfluous chatter. Due to the Sun-Saturn opposition, you’ll be ready for a fight! You might encounter certain misunderstandings with your colleagues. In your job, the Sun-Jupiter square might trigger several rebukes and cause envy!


Lack of planning!

Due to the Sun-Pluto opposition, your patience and authority will undergo disturbing professional ordeals. Your legitimacy might be disputed…Stop being careless with your money as well. Try saving some money, just in case…


Live better…

The Mars-Sun duo will initiate an evolution for your finances. You’ll save and hoard money in case of difficult times. Moreover, you’ll cut to the chase to avoid risky situations. Sun will have an effect on your metabolism and this will require you to do some physical exercise.


Champion at heart!

With Venus, you’re going to easily convince your better half to follow you with his eyes closed in your beats. A true delight. Due to Venus’s support once again, your professional ambitions will quickly succeed. Indeed, there won’t be any hurdles.


A desire to be done with a chapter!

You will feel a sense of lassitude towards your partner. The Sun-Uranus opposition will make your love life delicate. To make matters worse, you’ll take perverse pleasure in exciting your partner extravagantly. Moreover, you’ll wonder a lot about your professional future.


Influence of spheres!

Take advantage of the Sun-Neptune trine visit. This planetary configuration will be excellent for your work. Under theses influences, you shouldn’t neglect your professional relationships, as they’ll bring along opportunities. Take time to give the finishing touches to your projects.


Money, nerves and war!

Advantaged by the Sun-Venus conjunction, you might really have a true cornucopia. You’ll finish 2017 in a spectacular manner and all your bank accounts will be healthy! Your financial recipe for such a success? Don’t aim to high or go to fast…