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Libra 2017 Horoscope


Libra 2017 Horoscope


An obvious lack of concentration!

Due to the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, you’ll be fearful in several important fields of your life. In your job, competition will be fierce. In your love life, snagging and sulking are on the agenda. As for your vitality, there will be sudden tiredness. Consider yourself warned. January isn’t going to be a great month!


Family revival….

Be less fearful on the love front! Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can assert your personality and express your desires without putting your current situation at risk! On the contrary, a strong personality could prove to be extremely popular! You’re not as weak as you thought!


Respect your budget!

Due to Jupiter, your pragmatic nature and organizational skills won’t be present any longer in your finances. Don’t dig in your savings. Consider tightening your belt…In your love life, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is going to soothe and mellow you out. You’ll be much more stable!


Taking things in hand is a must!

Your superiors might ask you to surpass yourself, to satisfy the requirements of your job. However, with the Mercury-Jupiter opposition, you’ll duck out! Under strong solar dissonances, you’ll begin a period of withdrawal with those friends who are slanderous…


A decrease in motivation…

With the Venus-Jupiter opposition, you’re going to spend your time grumbling. This will be due to work, salary and the behavior of your colleagues. You’ll be tired of wasting your time and coming up against obstacles. You won’t take the time to analyze what one asks out of you.


Too much laxity…

In your love life, you’ll let your mind wander around superficial aspects. Disturbances from Jupiter will cause a fight. In your professional activity, you’ll need to face your destiny and opposition from Sun. You’ll need to solve those fights which are in your way.


Oh the in-laws…

Educating your children will become a cumbersome subject between you and your in-laws. Indeed, with the Mars-Jupiter square, each one will think they have a better method! Due to a dissonant Sun, this won’t be the ideal month to begin your company. Wait a while, to be your own boss!


Financial allergy!

Buddy Libra, by taking the Jupiter-Uranus opposition with full force, you’ll have a major weakness with your money: you’ll constantly be short of money…Once again this month, you’ll be allergic to financial questions. Therefore, you might waste a lot of money on useless things!


Too sentimental…

With an annoying Jupiter, you’ll be worried that one takes advantage of your naivety in your love life! Your biggest worry this month. As for your family, trust will be pushed into the background. Influenced by dissonant Uranus, you’ll feel betrayed or left out by your family.


Work will be your second skin.

True to your reputation, you’ll be sincere with your work and you’ll never be late with deadlines. With the Sun-Mercury conjunction, your profession might become you vocation. In any case, you’ll put up a front with disconcerting ease.


Looking for capital!

Through the Mercury-Mars sextil, you’ll want to create a company and become boss! You’ll assemble all the necessary documents until the end of the year, to go through with this professional project. The search for associates and financial resources will be considerable.


Planet of love as an ally!

Venus’s presence will make a lot of difference. It’ll highlight your adorable side. You won’t hesitate to be in the spotlight. Buddy Libra, you’ll bite into the apple of love and desire. Charm and exquisite pleasure are on the agenda. You’ll titillate with pleasure.