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Take advantage of your potentials!

Under the Venus-Pluto sextil domination, you’ll be capable of outdoing yourself in your professional activity. This is why you’ll get more responsibilities. In your love life, you’ll have your head in the cosmic clouds, it’ll do you a lot of good! As for sensuality, you’ll be able to ask for just anything!


An impressive roll out.

At the beginning of the month, you’ll be positive due to the Mercury-Venus sextil. Juicy investments in view! For your emotional life, the planetary conjunction conducted by Mars will effect your libido. You can expect powerful and beneficial naughty moments.


At crossroads..

The Jupiter-Pluto square will unravel your emotional relationships. Slowly but surely! Your heart won’t know which way to turn. The Venus-Jupiter opposition will really try to throw your finances off balance. Don’t leave bills or payments hanging around.


Just rely on yourself!

With the Mercury-Jupiter opposition, you’ll be running in all directions to balance out your income and expenses. It’s going to be hectic! Due to dissonances from Venus, your family could seem extremely intrusive. Buddy Taurus, preserve your inner sanctum.


Family, love: day and night!

In your family, you’ll do everything to make everyone agree. Through the Sun-Pluto complicity, you’re going to show your know-how. However, you’ll become irritable in your personal life, due to opposition from Venus. You won’t be able to stake a claim.


A wonderful month!

You’ll have a fundamental rule in your family: discuss everything without any taboo! Thanks to the Mercury-Pluto trine…With Mercury, you’ll be good at handling your money. In your love life, the Venus-Uranus duo will make eyes at you! Your fantasies will strongly increase.


Patience is the backbone of wisdom.

With the Saturn-Uranus trine, you might be able to build quite an interesting relational network. In your work, you’ll have strong nerves and a firm head on your shoulders. Buddy Taurus, you’ll tackle the obstacles and tasks head on!


A romantic run away…

Under the pernicious presence of the Venus-Saturn opposition, you might come close to bankruptcy in your love life! Indeed, as the days go by, voices will be raised. It depends on you to pick the right moment to make things better in your love life.


Great professional success!

Under the good aspects of Venus, you’ll bring along your experience, precious advice and warmth. Buddy Taurus, your remarks will hit the bull’s eye and you’ll win some authority. During fall, you’ll earn praises and beautiful recognition.


Don’t change a thing!

With the Venus-Mars conjunction, you’ll be able to contemplate and appreciate your professional career. You’ll work in an extremely benevolent atmosphere. This way, you’ll know everything that is going on in the company where you work.


Lack of financial logic!

With the Venus-Uranus opposition, you won’t show yourself in the best light. This remark is valid for handling your assets. Your behavior will become illogical. Instead of being careful with your money, you’re going to do just the opposite. Buddy Taurus, how are you going to make it?


A naughty gift under the Christmas tree!

The Venus-Uranus trine will bring consistency in your romantic initiatives. Throughout December, your love life will bloom. It’ll depend on you to make it even more beautiful! Buddy Taurus, your bank account will be well filled with Uranus.