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Virgo 2017 Horoscope


Virgo 2017 Horoscope


A good Samaritan!

You’ll be the ideal employee at work, due to Mercury. You’re going to begin the year under great auspices. You’ll set high standards due to Venus. Victory without risk is triumph without glory. Your victory will be well-deserved!


A true leader!

Thanks to the promising Mercury-Venus sextil, your work will bring you social recognition. You’ll have the reputation of having an attentive ear and never losing your grip. You’ll sharpen your arguments for future negotiations. With you, there won’t be any problems, just solutions!


Fanciful love life!

Buddy Virgo, your need to bring security through savings will encourage you make the right choices at the right time. This month, Mercury is going to use all its strength to help you. In your love life, the Venus-Jupiter opposition will encourage you to look for the perfect person, alas this doesn’t exist !


You’ll give shape to your future!

With Mercury’s presence, you’ll be completely drawn to your work. Your colleagues and superiors will appreciate your dynamism. Through the Moon-Uranus trine, you’re going to keep your financial commitments. You’ll use your money to have a lifestyle, better than the average.


Love pilot!

At work, you’ll leave nothing to chance. With the Mercury-Saturn trine, your anticipations and efficiency will be dazzling! Due to the Uranus conjunction, you’ll be the driving force of your marital life. You’ll pass on your zest for life and pleasure to your partner!


Nothing seems to work anymore…

As for naughty pleasures, your partner won’t want to do everything and this will get on your nerves. Opposition from the Mercury-Saturn duo will put your libido at half-mast. This month, your personal problems will worsen your friendly relations. Under Mercury’s negative impact, it’s going be a little chilly!


Love? Your playground…

Your love life will benefit from the protection of the Mercury-Venus sextil. This will be the time to make plans together. With Mars, you’ll be fed up with your “so called” friends, who are taking advantage of your generosity. True scroungers…


A professional tyrant.

Due to the Mercury-Neptune opposition, you’ll use the opportunity to rule the roost or dictate your own law, while your superiors are absent. You’ll want to get things straight. Suffice to say, by playing the dictator, you’ll trigger a revolting wind.


Good as gold!

The Sun-Mars-Mercury star cluster will be a true antidote against gloominess and will chase away all negativity. As for your love life, you’ll have the intelligence of not playing the field. For you, being in one relationship will be quite enough.


Turn misfortune to your advantage!

Due to the planetary Mars-Saturn square, you’ll have a pressing desire to question everything, just like throwing dice. Due to this, your partner will have the impression of dealing with inquisition. Many confusions will contaminate your personal life.


Controlled by the universe!

November will be synonymous with professional overload. Due to dissonances from Mercury, you’ll be worried about this. Moreover, you’ll have quite a few disagreements with your colleagues. Don’t get involved in this, as you won’t come out unscathed and you could lose your job….


Extremely peppy!

Buddy Virgo, you’ll forget about your bad mood with the Sun-Mercury-Saturn star cluster. To revive your dynamism, you need to work on yourself. You’ll use December to reconcile with your energies. This will give you a lot of oomph!