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Aquarius 2019 Horoscope


Aquarius 2019 Horoscope


Mars and Uranus will trigger all kinds of fortunate encounters and unexpected opportunities this month. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, keep an open mind and give some serious consideration to all the possibilities life will bring your way. Luck is something that comes in many forms… Be ready to take your chances!


The Sun in your sign should make you more dynamic and strong-minded than usual. In the mood to move your projects forward, you will spend most of your time looking for people who can help you be successful. The more flexible you are, the sooner you will taste success. Be careful, you could be too busy and distant for your lover’s liking!


Mercury retrograde in Pisces could create money-related issues this month. Those of you who aren’t taking their financial problems seriously will be severely punished! Be very careful not to lose your credit card or checkbook too. It’s about time you started behaving like the responsible adult you supposedly are!


Mars in Gemini will help you raise your profile this month. Aware of your own worth, you will no longer be afraid of falling in love! Some of you will also enjoy the odd one-night stand or two… More daring than usual, you could decide to take a trip to the casino and come home with a lot more money in your pockets than you left with!


Venus and Mars will work hand in hand to help you meet someone special this month. You could bump into your dream lover while away on business or vacation. And feeling guilty about enjoying yourself is out of the question! You will have a fantastic time with that person. You love being free to do exactly what you want!


With the Sun and Venus in Gemini, your sentimental life becomes your priority. Those of you who are single will be in the mood to give love a chance and could meet someone who will know how to make them feel special. Creative, you will also come up with genius ideas allowing you to move your career forward and give your income a boost!


The transit of the Sun and Venus in Cancer, opposite Saturn in Capricorn, will leave you exhausted! You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and ignoring the little warning signs your body has been trying to send you lately. You’re too stressed and a mental breakdown cannot be ruled out. Treat yourself to a long, well-deserved break this July!


The Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo will put the stress on other people, especially your partner. You will have to understand that you’re not alone on this planet, and that you must take his or her opinion into account at all times. Stop making decisions on your lover’s behalf! A good argument could help you bring your relationship back on the right track.


The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will lead you to make changes to your working methods. You will look for ways to become more productive and time-effective this September. You will quickly identify what is slowing you down and you will subsequently try your best to correct it. In need of money? Apply for a loan!


The Sun and Mars in Libra will introduce you to a brand-new outlook on life this month. Travelling abroad, going back to college or reading thought-provoking books could teach you a lot about yourself: it’s time to grow up and become the person you were always destined to be, from both a personal and professional point of view!


The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio will help you move your career forward and raise your profile. Whether you’re trusted with a new position or extra responsibilities, you will be given plenty of opportunities to realize how valued your contribution is in the workplace. With Venus and Jupiter in the same sign, you could also consider getting married!


Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and highlights how tired you are this December. You’ve been pushing yourself too far, from both a mental and physical point of view, for a few months now… Have a rest before it’s too late! And the return of the cold weather isn’t going to help either. Look after your body in the winter!