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Aquarius 2021 Horoscope


Aquarius 2021 Horoscope


A slow start will precede with increasing power during the coming months. You’ll clarify a situation to solve a money issue. Jupiter will expand your professional horizon through influential contacts and soon important ones. Venus will convince you to keep your love life, secret.


Mercury in your sign will aim for group success. If you take action just for yourself, things may come in the way of a common project moving forward. Efforts to adapt will need you to favor peaceful exchanges. In your love life, express your feelings, you’ll get rid of misunderstandings.


Your unique, visionary ideas will be welcomed better and implementing these will be easier. In Aries, the planet of harmony will offer solutions which will decrease tensions and sooth exchanges. Your open mind will be a major asset, to make the most of a situation.


Uranus will unravel relations while Venus will make up by offering pleasant and unexpected encounters. Nothing better to pep up, as this Saturn/Uranus dual will make you run the risk of losing your assets, if you disregard reality. Protect yourself from clashes at the end of the month.


A strong-knit team in your professional life, a nice group in your personal life, Mercury and Venus in Gemini will do their job well for Aquarius. Singletons, festive evenings will favor flings, couples, getaways during bank holidays will make you dream. At work, you won’t get trampled.


One will recognize your signature and talent at the same time. If you’re trying to stand out, you’ll win your bet. Jupiter in Pisces will increase your notoriety, income and congratulate your transactions. In your love life, your heart will quiver and festivities will be in full swing in families.


Priority for your love life with the desire to devote yourself to love, your sweetheart, family. The Venus/Mars duo in Leo will brighten up your days through unprecedented activities, great encounters and fiery body to body moments. At work, you’ll have all the leeway you need for your initiatives.


Your habit of haggling over everything will put a damper on things, however the future is promising. Jupiter will turns tail and will recover and update some moments from your past. Repeated patterns will take you towards a dead end. Changing courses will be within reach at all times.


Five planets in the Air sign will herald a busy September. Stars will make you get rid of regrets through a series of good news. Mercury will make your career move forward, without shaking up the family balance through a revised timetable. Mars in Virgo will help you achieve financial advantages.


Mars in Libra will have magical moments in store for you. By partnering up with Jupiter, its combativeness will favor your business. This will strengthen your couple and improve your financial and family situation. The domino effect will be immediate. Capitalize its benefits to secure your future.


By moving around Scorpio, Mars will toughen the tone of your relations and your realm of activity. No questions about falling for convenience, deadlines will force you to make twice the effort. During adversity, you’ll be efficient and will amaze yourself. Tiring but rewarding.


December will be a month of transition, as Jupiter will leave your sign and go to your neighbor sign, Pisces. Your activities will gain momentum. Your jack-of-all-trades side will develop your skills and improve your finances. In your love life, Venus will develop the desire to be committed in the long run.