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Cancer 2018 Horoscope


Cancer 2018 Horoscope


Your private life is put under the spotlight! More sensual than ever before, be prepared to enjoy yourself if you’re single! In a relationship, try your best to look after your partner if you don’t want them to fall out with you. Seek help if you find it impossible to communicate together. Clear up your misunderstandings!


Changes could affect your relationship this month… Try your best to calm things down between you and your partner! Little details often make all the different. Pay more attention to your lover on a daily basis. A trip abroad or a move to the other side of the world could, of course, bring you closer than ever before too!


You will find it difficult to stay focused on your various duties and responsibilities this month. Be careful! Luck is on your side, but there’s only so much it can do to keep you out of trouble… Plenty of people are relying on you, as always. Don’t let them down!


You will quickly realize that you’re not only surrounded with people who want to see you do well in the workplace… Jealous colleagues will be desperate to knock you off your perch this month! Be extremely careful not to slip up… Luckily, your loyal friends will help you get away with a couple of mistakes!


You’re so good at selling your ideas! Extremely convincing by nature, you know exactly how to get people on your side and find all the help you need to launch a project you care about this month. You’re so grateful for all the support you receive day after day!


Try not to reveal too much about your ambitions and never count your chickens before they’re hatched! Boasting about your achievements could jeopardize an important project or cause your rivals to steal some of your ideas! Remember, people tend to be nasty to those they are jealous of…


In theory, you would love to lose the weight you’ve been putting on since the start of the year. In practice, however, you will find it extremely hard, once again, to resist temptation this month! It’s so hard not to enjoy what life has to offer at this time of the year!


Your family will ask to see a lot more of you this month! Understandable at this time of the year… Expect to be criticized for your lack of availability over the last few months… Stop feeling like you have to justify yourself to your loved ones. You have the right to live your own life too!


You will be kept extremely busy in the workplace this month! Hardworking and responsible, you have everything under control… Or at least until Venus and Jupiter try to bring a potential love story your way! You could meet someone special this September, so keep your eyes peeled…


Take a step back and figure out if your feelings for that person are genuine. Is a long-term relationship possible? Taken, are you prepared to leave your partner to get with someone you’ve just met? You believe that everything happens for a reason… Which is why you’re ready to give this new love story your best shot!


You feel the need to adapt your routine to the changes currently taking place in every domain of your life! Emotionally blackmailed by some of the people in your family, you could have difficult decisions to make this month. You only live once, so don’t be afraid to put yourself first!


The year will end on a passionate and erotic note! Nothing is ever too good for the one you love. You don’t always realize how much of an impact the changes currently underway are going to have on your existence. You don’t really know it yet, but your life could look completely different early on next year!