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Code of Ethics

Code of ethics

Last Updated: March, 26th 2019

1. The psychic readers will perform their work independently with sincerity, honesty, objectivity and quality.

2. The psychic readers are sworn to professional secrecy and confidentiality.

3. The psychic readers have an obligation to deliver the service using their tools, their knowledge, their experience, their gift. They cannot guarantee the accuracy of their prediction or express any level of certainty.

4. The psychic readers will not use personal information of the customer for purposes other than delivery of the service.

5. The psychic readers will not intend to make personal contact toward any customer of the company, in any capacity, personal or commercial or through social media, during and outside their working time.

6. The psychic readers will respect the free will of their customers and are not allowed to exercise any undue influence on them.

7. The psychic readers will not perform any occult work (exorcism, witchcraft, magic, medium spirits) and are not allowed to refer to health conditions.

8. The psychic readers are not allowed to encourage any customers to gamble and/or to refer about legal matters.

9. The Psychic Readers will not intend to be a substitute for any professional advice, including but not limited to (a) professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment or (b) professional financial or investment advice or guidance, or (c) professional legal advice.

10. The psychic readers will not create situations designed to take advantage of the fragility or naivety of their customers nor to abuse their trust.

11. The psychic readers are not allowed to provide a psychic reading to: anyone under the age of 18 and any person under legal guardianship and/or not in charge of their own finances.

12. The psychic readers will promote the image of the company through text messages, smartphone, internet and phone sessions, with respect to content and quality expected in our service.

13. The psychic readers will not take advantage of customers financially after being made aware of the customer’s finances.

14. The psychic readers will not denigrate or tarnish the name of another psychic in order to attract customers.

15. Any discrimination or harassment of any psychic readers or customers because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other personal characteristic is prohibited.