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October 23, 2016

Love *****

Cuddles may not be on the menu in this domain today, but you will be on exactly the same wavelength as your partner. Words won't even be needed for you to understand each other. Taking part in exciting activities together will bring you closer to one another. Who's that sexy couple stealing the show in the middle of a busy nightclub?

Career ****

As long as nothing urgent needs dealing with, leave your professional activities aside for the day. You will feel the need to switch your brain off for a little while. You will, as a result, come up with new ideas without even trying to!

Wellness *****

For you, being physically active is the only way to give your energy levels a boost! You don't believe in lemon-based homemade remedies...

Mood *****

Under the Moon/Uranus trine, nothing will seem impossible to you today. You will be confident and optimistic about the future.