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May 24, 2017

In Relationship *****

Moon's entrance in Taurus and the aspects it'll form today will have a major influence on your couple life. Indeed, thanks to her you'll be much more attentive, affectionate with your partner. Taurus is also well connected with material aspects, so this day could be favorable for making common projects come true.

Single *****

All the astral conditions are combined today to trigger a heart stopper at work, with a colleague or a client. There isn't much of a chance for it to be anything but a sexual adventure, therefore you'll need to be discreet in order to avoid problems.

Wellness ****

Thanks to Neptune, you'll feel calm and peaceful. This will help you recharge your batteries but libido as well.

Career *****

A dash of a pragmatic mind, willingness and providence will be the ideal combination to make you successful at work today. A promotion or an evolution could be a possibility.