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May 26, 2020

In Relationship **

You try your best to hide away from your significant other, but they won't leave you alone until you've listened to what they want to tell you! Annoyed, you could agree to do something you have no intention of doing simply to be left in peace... Listen very carefully to what your significant other is saying this Tuesday!

Single **

You don't really care about your latest fling cancelling on you at the last minute... But your ego is hurt! Ah well, there's no point in dating someone who's not genuinely interested in you anyway. Dust yourself off and go out looking for love once again. It won't take long for someone interesting to send you a heartwarming message...

Wellness ****

Mars in your house XII could trigger all kinds of minor aches and pains. How annoying! But the Sun in Gemini will provide you with all the vitamins your body needs.

Career ******

You're a leader who's not afraid to put forward ideas in the workplace. Impressively convincing, your colleagues and superiors automatically agree with everything you say! Keep up the hard work, you're clearly doing something right in this domain.