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May 22, 2019

In Relationship ******

If you have great expectations related to your relationship, then today you'll get some proof of your partner's love for you. They'll bend over backward to make you happy. You're in peaceful harmony together. If you had some big projects lined up, they'll take shape as though by magic. You're in seventh heaven!

Single ******

Rather than thinking about yourself so much, take a look around. Today is a great day to meet someone. Even if you don't find yourself lovestruck, you might very well find yourself getting along swimmingly with someone who doesn't fit your physical criteria - how surprising!

Wellness *****

Certain planets are soothing your moods. Physically you're energetic and doing well. Do some exercise to stay in shape.

Career ****

If you're asked to make serious efforts, it's a chance to stand out. Don't wait for things to fall in your lap; take charge. The stars are with you. You'll find quality allies. Hang in there!