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March 26, 2017

Love *****

You will save up waves of pleasure for only two by shutting off your friends so that you can have intimacy with your lover. You will change your phone's notification to say: ‘We are on our honeymoon, thank you for not leaving a message, I'm riding on a wave of happiness. There are no networks where we are'.

Career *****

If growth in your work seems to move slowly, keep in mind that it will be regular and that it will increase. From the most dreadfully boring to the most thrilling, your work will give you opportunities to seize and responsibilities to take on.

Wellness *****

You will be in excellent shape, apart from a bit of nervous nests that will have repercussions on your sleep and your digestion.

Mood *****

By changing your behavior and opening the door to the possibility of a romantic relationship, Cupid should send love your way. You will have the choice between spending an evening with your friends or meeting up with this hopeful. If at first you would be more inclined to having a quick meeting, you will change your game plan when you remember your priorities.