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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ***

The stars are encouraging you to prioritize your professional life over your private life today. Your partner will understand that they cannot always be at the forefront of your mind and they will show you just how supportive of your career they really are. That doesn't mean you should neglect your loved one altogether though so remember to set some time aside for romance later in the day.

Single ***

You need to know more about a certain person before deciding if it is worth pursuing this budding relationship. You are looking for a relationship but are afraid of the sacrifices that this will entail. Only you can decide if you are ready to make concessions and say goodbye to your single status or whether you would rather keep to your own company at the moment.

Wellness ***

You're run off your feet today and won't have the time for a healthy, balanced lunch. You can make up for it at supper time though.

Career *****

You have all the right cards to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of your superiors today. Your sense of responsibility and strong managerial skills will ensure you don't go unnoticed professionally. Use your strong points to your advantage whilst working discreetly on your weak points.