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December 14, 2017

In Relationship ******

Venus, the planet of love, will come and spice up your relationship. You couldn't ask for or expect anything more. You will not hide how delighted you are to find this romantic connection with your partner. You will stop yourself from telling them that you preferred to sleep during the week. You will naturally get your romantic momentum back!

Single ******

You could find true love when you no longer believe in it. You will have reasons to be optimistic if you are waiting for a sign from the person who has caught your eye. With a generous Venus in Sagittarius, stopping in your love life to bring a bit of magic your way, love will be in the air!

Wellness ****

Mars will grant you a good dose of energy, but watch out for infections that could tire you out.

Career *****

Even if tensions will be inevitable, you will make progress. You will be deeply involved in what you do. Aggressive, you will be able to take a huge leap forward and be recognized in your area of work. Your duties will be confirmed.