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December 11, 2016

Love ****

Today will bring some much-needed peace and stability to your love life. Venus is having a positive effect on your sign and you're feeling the benefits. It is making your relationship its priority so take the opportunity to make amends with your partner. If you're single then prepare yourself for a busy social life.

Career *****

You are organized and meticulous at work and know how to get results. Your communication skills are good and discussions will go off without a breeze. All of this will help you to carry out your work tasks efficiently and stay one step ahead of your projects.

Wellness ******

Your energy levels are on the rise. The stars are encouraging you to take action and make the most of the present moment. Listen to them for once!

Mood *****

The Moon is passing through your sign and its giving you a taste for life's guilty pleasures. Consume without moderation!