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December 14, 2017

In Relationship *****

Love is in the air! The Moon is bringing out your sexy side and you'll enjoy surprising your partner with naughty little ideas throughout the day. Massages, sexy underwear and a candlelit dinner are all on the agenda for this evening so get ready for some fun between the sheets. For those who are brave enough, handcuffs and role play could even come into the equation...

Single *****

The Mars-Jupiter duo is making your head spin and your heart flutter! Your sense of humor will win you a legion of admirers today and you'll certainly be making the most of all the attention. One person in particular has set your heart racing and you have a feeling that there could be a future between the two of you. Trust your instincts!

Wellness ****

Positive energies from Jupiter are helping your digestive system. Your waistline is back to where it should be.

Career *****

You've succeeded in gaining some clarity on your professional life and feel ready to take the bull by the horns. You'll make sure you've got all angles covered before taking that all important step with a project that is in the pipeline. The future is promising!