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August 19, 2019

In Relationship *****

You realize that's it's time to make changes to the way your relationship works if you don't want to fall out with your other half again. You're aware that you shouldn't take your partner for granted and that a break-up cannot ever be ruled out. You're too possessive and exclusive for your own good. Get out of your comfort zone!

Single *****

You're in the mood to explore new sentimental horizons this summer! You're bored of your little routine in this domain, my Cancer friend. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen to you! Try to understand why your previous relationship(s) quickly ran out of steam. Acknowledging your flaws is the first step towards getting your love life back on the right track!

Wellness ****

Why don't you become a charity volunteer? It would help you feel useful and realize that you're not so unfortunate after all...

Career ****

You find it hard to focus on one task at a time. Stop spreading yourself too thin and avoid wasting so much time chatting to your colleagues! Never lose sight of your real objectives in the workplace.