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May 21, 2019

In Relationship ***

Still in love, just like yesterday, however the atmosphere won't be the same. Misunderstandings accompany your Tuesday and force you to justify yourself, all the time. Your partner nitpicks, at least this is how you feel. This gets on your nerves. Try not going ballistic and go out for a walk, if you can feel the tension.

Single ***

Nothing seems to work. You give more and more hints, try to get closer but this person doesn't seem to take notice of you, indifferent to your charm. Instead of being taxing by being insistent, just consider that this person isn't interested. Useless being stubborn, as things won't move forward. How about changing goals?

Wellness ****

If your physical health is good, your morale will be all mixed up. Try to lighten your schedule as much as possible to get a breather.

Career ****

You won't have a hard time quickly adapting to the contingencies of the day. Change in organization or urgent things to handle, you'll be able to bounce back, without losing efficiency. Use this opportunity to review your way of working.