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April 25, 2024

In Relationship ******

In this delicate period where tensions might emerge, the key lies in letting go. Share simple moments with your partner, far from familial worries. Peace springs from unity and mutual support. Don't forget that your relationship is your sanctuary against the external storms.

Single ******

Savoring your freedom is paramount, your choices and well-being depend solely on you. It's the perfect time to explore new passions and open yourself up to encounters, without rush or hasty judgement. Appreciate each encounter as a lesson, without expecting every person you meet to be the one. Lightness attracts good energies and potentially love.

Wellness ****

Trust your intuition and make decisions that bring you joy, without letting external judgments sway you. Your equilibrium hinges on standing firm in your personal choices.

Career *****

Adopt a pliable stance in your tasks. Resilience will be your trump card. Faced with a knotty project, split it into manageable bite-sized goals. This method will greatly bolster your productivity and pare down stress. The auspicious aspect between Mars and Jupiter fosters positive energy and dynamism, a perfect match to conquer challenges.