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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ***

Without any ill intentions or imagining that you could offend your partner, your remarks will put a damper on his mood. As you'll be focused on several things, you won't even realize that he has emotional expectations. Focused on your tasks, you'll have a hard time responding peacefully.

Single ***

You'll need an outsider's opinion as your mind is muddled up. A date won't stop urging you, but you'll lack perspective and clairvoyance about his aims. He'll talk a lot about himself, his life but won't suggest a meeting or a telephone call. You'll have doubts about him.

Wellness ****

Your energy will be intact. But by dint of running around everywhere, you'll end up wasting energy and lose your bearings.

Career ***

Don't provoke your professional destiny. You won't have all the cards in hand to give a sensible response to the questions from your partners at work. You'll get the chance to prove your skills by doing your job seriously.