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June 29, 2017

In Relationship ***

You need to choose your words very carefully today in order to keep the peace at home. The stars are preventing you from thinking straight and you feel ready to blow a fuse. Important subjects will arise during a conversation with your partner and you'll realize that you don't share the same priorities. There won't be much in the way of romance today but hopefully you'll succeed in getting some things off your chest!

Single ***

It's status quo for your love life at the moment as your thoughts are clouded by regrets over past relationships. You're struggling to turn a new page and get back in the driving seat. You're attracting plenty of attention but you don't feel ready to take it any further than the flirting stage. Your social life is buzzing and there is every chance you may meet someone special though mutual friends.

Wellness ****

You're at the mercy of your emotions and feel like you're buckling under the weight of life's pressure. You'll find yourself tossing and turning all night.

Career ***

You've got a heavy workload at the moment and you don't have the ideal working conditions in order to complete your tasks to the best of your ability. A lack of communication within your team is making matters worse and you have a sneaky suspicion that things are about to get nasty. You've finally seen your colleagues' true colors...