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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ***

Couple life is no bed of roses. Your partner might have the impression that you're living like singletons and both of you are soon going to blame one another. Tensions will be around, but they'll lead to necessary questioning. You might say hurtful things to your partner.

Single ***

Your magnetism is rather high, and you have the chance to meet someone you like, especially through intellectual exchanges and sharing. Nothing is certain as for how long your new relationship will last. You like surprises, go with the flow of things.

Wellness ***

You might be sensitive to allergies and feel nervous. Fresh air could do you good.

Career *****

You might get new responsibilities and they'll suit you. You're motivated when you work under pressure and you're able to unite people around you. Careful with mental fatigue at the end of the day, as you never relax in your efforts.