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October 17, 2017

In Relationship ****

Things haven't always been easy for both of you...You're determined to forget about the bad moments you experienced together and focus on the positive areas of your couple life. Tenderness and complicity will be back and allow you to pick up the pieces and make your relationship constructive and positive.

Single ****

You won't run away from compliments anymore! You won't be afraid anymore to seem pleasant and attentive. You'll feel ready to share an intimate moment or friendship with the person you'll accept to go out with or see a show. You'll feel revitalized!

Wellness *****

You'll feel like getting away and being with nature. Sports could combine the two! It could be fun to do this with friends and trigger motivation.

Career *****

Surely some reorganization in the air! Uranus is making things happen. New hierarchy or premises or even new business partners, a more modern method or more efficient tools. Progress is on its way!