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June 29, 2017

In Relationship *

You'll notice that your partner is looking disturbed, and you'll understand that something is bothering him. He won't need to be persuaded to talk about a relative who was part of your private life. You told your partner this story without going into details. But this relative made you look like the bad guy.

Single *

You'll have the impression of being part of a session of bad jokes. They could have been funny if you weren't in the limelight. You'll blame your parent for having told this fling about your initial romantic setbacks. This will make your date laugh, while your pride will take a blow.

Wellness ***

You'll have a hard time sleeping. Your mind will still be active, even during a relaxation session.

Career ****

You'll take the time analyzing the situation before jumping to any conclusion. This isn't about rebelling, but knowing in whom you can lay your trust during this professional collaboration.