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March 22, 2019

In Relationship **

Today, your discussions won't take place around a meal, a drink or in front of the TV. No, under the guidance of Saturn, you're going to choose another spot: the bedroom! Buddy Capricorn, it won't necessarily be the right method to take important decisions. Don't confuse issues. Alright?

Single **

Imprisoned by the opposition from Saturn, you're really going to be irritating unknowingly or you won't realize this. It's too bad, as you might come across love today. Therefore this person will quickly run away. It won't your best day. This is life, with its ups and downs...

Wellness ***

For your physical condition, you won't leave anything to chance. You're used to going to the gym...

Career ***

You can't help it! Buddy Capricorn, you can't simply just stick to doing your work. If you're a woman, you'll try to charm the men around you. If you're a man, you'll look for a potential prey...