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October 20, 2019

In Relationship *

The Moon-Mars square suggests that there will be very little action in the bedroom for you and your partner today. You've done a lot of thinking recently and you just don't believe that you two are right for each other. Dear Capricorn, make sure you've thought your options through carefully before making any snap decisions. Wait until the weekend is over at least...

Single *

You've had your eye on someone new recently but you'll come to realize today that you've been fighting a losing battle. You have absolutely nothing in common and are like chalk and cheese on all levels, from your social interests to your family values and plans for the future. Dear Capricorn, you've got more to lose than you have to gain.

Wellness *

The Moon is causing you to crawl back into your shell. You're not in a sociable mood and would rather keep to your own devices.

Career **

Your organization skills are nowhere to be seen today and you may even turn up for a meeting at the wrong time or in the wrong place as you've failed to listen to the instructions. You've messed up and will vow to pay more attention from now on.