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May 24, 2017

In Relationship *****

Your partner will definitely be sensitive to your availability, your helping hand as well as your good advice... only when all of this is required! With Pluto in the air, it's useless to play the master of ceremony, the shining decision-maker! You need to show tact and be strategic with your language.

Single *****

Pluto will put you in touch with a very attractive person, but difficult to approach. There's a big chance that they are a native Scorpio, but it's also likely that this person is simply just very influenced by this planet. Another native Earth sign? Whatever the case may be, success for you will be to anticipate their mood.

Wellness ****

If becoming a vegetarian or another type of demanding diet tempts you, make sure that you look into the issue for a while before you make a decision.

Career ****

Close the doors to your mind to risky offerings today. Pluto will not support you in adventurous undertakings! However count on it to provide you with the opportunities to shine in a new and very serious position!