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January 18, 2019

In Relationship ***

Jupiter threatens to ruin the mood today! Your partner will prove to be pretty cold and distant... You won't really be able to understand what they expect from you this Friday! In fact, it's pretty simple: they want to see their friends and they won't hesitate to tell you that at some point during the day. You won't believe it! That's so unlike them...

Single ***

Your sentimental life is, once again, pretty chaotic at the minute. Your latest crush is seriously getting on your nerves today. Why can't they figure out what they're actually looking for in this domain? They're all cuddly one day and worryingly distant the next... What more could you do to keep them interested? You're tempted to give up with someone so indecisive!

Wellness **

People would be forgiven for thinking that you're feeling on top of your game. But rising anxiety levels will trigger crippling stomach cramps today.

Career ******

You will overhear people commenting on the quality of your work. Don't worry, your bosses only have good things to say about you at the minute! How flattering... Enough to give your motivation levels a boost! Especially as you may be considered for a new mission...