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March 26, 2017

Love ******

You're optimistic about the long-term future of your union. Arguments belong to the past, and you will be given the chance to prove how happy you are by your other half's side today. Bingo! It won't be long until you start making exciting plans together again...

Career ******

Mars in a good aspect with your sign allows you to be fast and effective in the workplace! Meanwhile, Uranus and Mercury work together to help you make the changes needed to bring your professional projects to completion.

Wellness *****

A walk in the countryside or by the sea, depending on where you live, will do you a world of good. What a great way to recharge your batteries!

Mood ******

The planets continue to support your sentimental life, my single friend. Someone you met some time ago, then lost touch with, could come back into your life! We're not talking about an ex here, just someone you met while away on business or out with friends. You know what they say, everything happens for a reason!