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May 26, 2020

In Relationship *****

To resume your balance, careful with your words. Your partner asks you to be more organized with your attitude. He/she may ask you to take part in chores. Money issues also worry you. Your warm nature may make your partner succumb! These little worries will disappear!

Single *****

You're a genuine stream of air! You may come across a lightening encounter! Stars favor promising feeling. But love makes you run away too. Neptune in Pisces triggers doubt again! You're extremely wary. Forget about your past demons, to succeed at a new relationship!

Wellness ***

You want a breather after work! Gentle sports or walking should do you good!

Career *****

Team work is favored. This could give you a chance to express yourself. Your opinions are important. You have major creativity. Grant yourself a break too. You work intellectually. Take a break before the end of the day.