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March 22, 2019

In Relationship **

Dissonances from Jupiter and Mercury suggest that nothing will go according to plan today. Your morals and values have gone out of the window and your partner won't be ready to forgive you in a hurry. You had high hopes for this relationship but now you're doubting whether you'll even last to the end of the week. Ouch!

Single **

Your love life is going from bad to worse and you're feeling very sorry for yourself indeed at the moment. You had your heart set on a certain person but the budding romance turned out to be nothing more than a meaningless fling. You're struggling to get back on your feet after the disappointment and have vowed to be more careful with your emotions in future.

Wellness *****

Springtime is making you think about losing some of that extra weight. You could do with shifting a few pounds and gaining muscle.

Career *

You've jumped the gun at work and found yourself in a tricky situation. You only have yourself to blame for acting without getting your facts straight first. Communication with your colleagues is at an all-time low so there is little chance of the situation resolving itself today.