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March 26, 2017

Love ***

Your sweetheart might ask you to come back to Earth, unless he's a Gemini as well. Indeed, you live in a dream world, far from the contingencies of the real world. Either you have monumental plans and you seem to underestimate the difficulties of realizing them, or else you expect the impossible from your partner. However, feelings are present.

Career ****

Here you are particularly inspired by some professional ideas. You anticipate the ideal future, what suits you socially and you're ready to do what it takes to make it happen. That's perfect! But beyond your dreams, try to stay realistic.

Wellness ****

Far from your thoughts and your invented worries, you feel good and light. But some physical activities are more than welcome.

Mood ***

Perfection doesn't exist. Simply because it's subjective and it depends on each one's criteria. Indeed, you'll go over your requirements of perfect love, with a fine tooth comb. Unfortunately, your standards are way too high for anyone to match them. Think less and be more spontaneous with the ones in your path.