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December 14, 2017

In Relationship ******

There are kind exchanges with your partner. Good sense of humor in a pleasant atmosphere during the evening. Sexuality has been at half-mast since a while. Express your feelings so that your sweetheart doesn't feel frustrated. A sensual evening with secrets in bed is something you both want.

Single ******

Your situation doesn't seem to change. You're independent, no strings attached. It's difficult to capture your heart except for moments of seduction, you seem to close the door on any new romantic affair. You forge affinities in your friend circle. Let chance play its role today and don't force destiny.

Wellness ****

Intellectual dispersion due to your dynamism. Your exhaustion is accumulating and affecting your mood.

Career *****

Day after day, the routine seems to weigh down on you and encourage you to change activity. Support from an experienced colleague gives you accurate information on your progress. Meanwhile, your tasks need you to be versatile and you love this.