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August 19, 2019

In Relationship *****

There might be discussions about an engagement or wedding. It's not given that both of you will agree on this point. There are aplenty exchanges while these highlight different viewpoints. Take a break which might help you unwind and favor reviving the passion. Things might not be sensual but you're good at bringing it back.

Single *****

Celibacy does you good as it brings along independence. You feel like making the most of these moments alone. The desire to go out with your friends and having fun through flings is more appealing than a serious relationship. Grant yourself the time to review your priorities. You seek your own lifestyle before beginning any long lasting relationship.

Wellness ****

A little diet should do you good. Excesses tire out your body and rest is welcome.

Career ***

The atmosphere favors discussions about working conditions. You muster up the guts and wish to get away from the department, due to disorganization. Be patient while being attentive, as a lead might help you.