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June 29, 2017

In Relationship **

Saturn in retrograde however will coax you to strengthen your relationship. You will have a hard time getting back your nimble heart and mind. So much so that you will focus your attention on everything that doesn't go well between the two of you. You will easily grumble over nothing, which will obviously be bad for your matters of the heart with your darling.

Single **

Jupiter will be so isolated in your astrological chart that it will not manage to counter this complicated atmosphere that you wallow in. It will be difficult for you to meet someone who turns out well being only due to interactions because you will not be in a mood to communicate and even less to project yourself into the future with someone.

Wellness ****

This desire to sleep will not leave you today. On the other hand, by evening you will get back your vitality and your shape.

Career ***

The tendency today at work will be towards patience. Certain things will progress however. The best thing, in the actual state of things, will be to let it come, to not provoke anything and to calmly wait for situations to settle themselves.