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October 20, 2019

In Relationship ***

You've no idea what is happening to your relationship. You're convinced that you and your partner are made for each other one minute, and that a break-up is imminent and unavoidable the next. Beware of Neptune causing you to underestimate how much your other half actually likes you. You can be too demanding for your own good at times...

Single ***

The dissonances of Mars, the God of war according to Greek mythology, will have a complicated day in store for those of you who are still single. Struggling to keep your mood swings under control will have a negative impact on your relationships. You could scare a few potential partners away this Sunday...

Wellness **

You like to call yourself a bit of a dreamer... But be careful not to be too naive for your own good!

Career ******

You could be offered an unexpected bonus or promotion in the workplace. Your bosses will find a way to show you how much they value your contribution! You can be proud of yourself, my Gemini friend.