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October 17, 2017

In Relationship ***

Try not to suffocate your partner. Trying to do too much for them could actually trigger clashes and misunderstandings. Never force your views on your other half. Be as open-minded as you can be and let your lover get used to the idea that even you can change your mind!

Single ***

Come to the conclusion that you two have nothing in common instead of trying to keep an ill-advised relationship alive. It won't end well, trust us! Accept to let that person out of your life and focus on finding someone who is a lot more suited to your desires and expectations...

Wellness ***

Adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to give your energy a much-needed boost. You're running very low on gas!

Career **

Forced to meet tight deadlines, you will feel under more pressure than usual in the workplace. Heated exchanges with your colleagues cannot be ruled out. You will find it very hard to communicate efficiently today.