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January 18, 2019

In Relationship *****

You'll be back to being very present and determined to resume your complicity, something you love. You miss the crazy laughter and improvised outings. You'll try to spice up your couple a little so that you don't have the impression of already having seen, done or experienced everything!

Single *****

You hate solitude, even if you're doing your best to get used to it without showing anything, as usual...Without deluding yourself (you'd better not as Neptune is still here...), you'll look for someone who'll make you want to be part of a relationship. You have a great chance at this!

Wellness ****

Avoid going overboard at all costs because even if you recover fast, it'll tire out your body in the long run.

Career ***

At the end of this week, you find it oppressive to accomplish your usual tasks. But as you don't like to leave a job half-finished, you'll really dedicate yourself. Without major enthusiasm but very seriously!