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May 26, 2020

In Relationship ***

Spending time with your partner makes you incredibly happy... But you'd also like to do your own thing alone or with friends from time to time! You find your relationship a little too oppressive at times. Don't be afraid to explain that to your other half, they'll understand! They'll send you to the grocery stop without them tonight... So funny!

Single ***

Venus in Gemini encourages you to make the most of what life has to offer but Mars in Pisces makes you very indecisive. You've no idea what you're looking for in this domain! Do you want to be in a serious relationship right now? Are you ready to love? Don't try to answer those questions today, that's our advice. Don't worry, time is on your side!

Wellness ******

You won't feel guilty for enjoying what life has to offer today. You only live once, after all!

Career ****

You feel the need to gain more independence in this domain. You're sick of feeling misunderstood and underappreciated in the workplace. It's time to show what you're capable of! Don't wait for your bosses' green light to take the initiatives you have in mind...