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October 17, 2017

In Relationship *****

The Moon conjunct with Mars in Virgo will bestow you with an impressive effectiveness regardless of the type of action. In the romance sector for example, if you show that you have the urge for something phenomenal with your partner, today is the day that you will find the strength to talk with them about it.

Single *****

You will take on a lot of things today, and regarding matters of the heart, it will not be surprising that you will decide to go further with someone you just met. You need challenges, excitement and motivation. You will find these three ingredients in this budding relationship.

Wellness *****

The vitality that gives you life is equaled only by the effectiveness with which you use it to see your plans through.

Career *****

If you have a job where productivity is vital to your success, you will complete your missions with a certain success. This comes from your energy and the ease with which you carry out different tasks that are essential to the progress of projects.