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December 14, 2017

In Relationship ***

Your sweetheart will ask you what's gotten into you when hearing you spend hours and hours talking about the weather! Are you actually trying to hide something? It certainly looks like it today... You don't usually hide much from your partner, but you could be accused of bottling your emotions up today.

Single ***

If you want this affair to take a more intimate turn, you must reveal your expectations, even if you keep some of your deepest thoughts to yourself. Understand that this person won't know who they are dealing with and they are right to want to get to know you better. It is up to you to decide whether you should open up to this new potential lover or run away from them...

Wellness ***

While you wait for the chance to take a few days off, avoid drinking too much caffeine and take natural vitamins instead.

Career ****

Mars will make you struggle to defend your piece of the pie. You won't waste any time to show your teeth and assert yourself in this workplace or find a way stand out in an interview. Looking for a job, don't hesitate to offer your skills in a different sector.