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March 26, 2017

Love ****

You will put your personal activities aside to devote yourself to your relationship. You will feel that it will be critical to find yourself so that you don't lose yourself. With time, everyone one will grow on their own path by forgetting that you must also build project together, apart from vacations together or with your family.

Career *****

Thought, reflection will be favored domains. The chances are high that new ideas will come to your mind. Connections will come easy but don't push things. Be vigilant to put luck on your side.

Wellness ***

A real moment of relaxation will be what you will need. Find yourself a spot that's far from the turmoil so that you can rest.

Mood ****

You will not be lacking in suitors. You will not believe you're lucky star. But this will not mean that you will fall in love. You will have to use your discretion so that you don't get into an affair that will just bring on setbacks. The resolute and put in the work before you trust this person.