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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ***

Your partner will require all of your attention today so don't be surprised if you feel drained of your energies by evening time. They're in for some bad news today and are counting on you for support, even if they don't like to admit it. You'll have to read between the lines to figure out their needs but by doing so you'll succeed in showing just how much you care.

Single ***

Your selfishness is clouding your view of reality and preventing you from seeing that you are hurting someone close to you. They've been trying to attract your attention for a while but you're so self-absorbed that you are failing to see what is before your very eyes. Open your eyes to the world around you. You might just like what you see!

Wellness **

You're in a spiral of negative thinking and need to act quickly before it starts to affect your health.

Career **

You're in a rush to get your work done in time but could be tempted to take some short cuts in order to do so. Think very carefully about the future of your career before you go cutting any corners!