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February 23, 2017

Love ******

Several planets in Aries makes you feel like doing something exciting with your other half. You need a busy social life to be happy, so remember to spend time with your friends as well as with your partner. Your sentimental life allows you to blossom at the minute, but don't forget to let your lover express their desires too in order to avoid arguments.

Career ****

You must take your foot off the gas immediately! You work far too hard and no one's there to support you. Your bosses have noticed how talented and dedicated you can be... But remember to look after yourself too!

Wellness *****

You care about your appearance and you try your best to stay in shape. A calorie-controlled diet appeals to you.

Mood ******

You keep your calm under all circumstances. Saturn in Sagittarius consolidates your situation: it's time to stop being afraid of commitment...