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June 29, 2017

In Relationship ***

Expect a slightly frustrating day on the sentimental front. Your respective feelings aren't under threat, don't worry, but you and your other half will simply struggle to connect with one another today. You're no longer on the same wavelength, and you're running out of ideas on how to spice up your everyday life...

Single ***

My single friend, you could find yourself in a relationship that isn't right for you today! Weak and unpredictable, you could let someone who's really not your type convince you to give them a chance this Thursday... What a bad idea! Please don't promise anything today. Wait for a better time to make your mind up!

Wellness **

Worrying too much could trigger headaches towards the end of the day. Take a break, go for a long walk, get some fresh air!

Career ***

Please wait until at least next month to get a new or complex task underway! You won't have the concentration required to take care of anything out of the ordinary today. Besides, be very careful with what people tell you... Someone could be trying to take advantage of you!