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September 20, 2018

In Relationship ****

You've been getting your wires crossed with your partner recently but you'll succeed in finding some common ground today. You'll both just have to accept that you need to make some compromises for the greater good of your life as a couple. Venus isn't making life easy for you but that doesn't mean a reconciliation isn't possible.

Single ****

A certain someone is pulling out all the stops to get your attention today. There is no doubt that sparks are flying but you're old enough and wise enough to be able to read the warning signs. Mars suggests that the passion will be short-lived and there won't be much else to compensate when the flame dies. Play your cards close to your chest for now...

Wellness *****

Take good care of your body and your body will take good care of you in return. You need to put your health first for once.

Career **

Your colleagues aren't pulling their weight at work and it's starting to drive you round the bend. You'll decide to bite your tongue for now as you don't want to find yourself at the center of a dispute. It won't be easy to keep your thoughts to yourself though!