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January 18, 2019

In Relationship *****

Doing something together with your partner will help you both relax. Still, your conversations may tend to focus on your mutual problems. Your relationship is a bit stormy right now, but this might reinforce your union in the end. Make some time for an intimate moment that will bring the magic back.

Single *****

An awkward situation might incite you to choose between continuing a relationship and ending it. Things aren't easy in your love life. Certain complications may arise without your being aware and might expose you to disputes tied to your emotional life. The ambiance might wear you out and incite you to get some distance.

Wellness ****

The energy you're investing in your worries will smother your legendary vitality. It'd be wise to get some exercise.

Career ******

You're working well with your team, and your superiors appreciate your positive attitude. You might be called in to talk about your advancement in the company.