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August 20, 2017

In Relationship ****

There is a strong possibility that your plans might fizzle through. It could be because of an unexpected event or your partner might need to do other things. This will leave you some time to think about the future of your couple. September onwards, you'll be able to take action.

Single ****

You might have the impression that you life is going round and round in circles these days and mainly in your emotional life. Rest assured, this is just in your mind. Beautiful encounters await you. But are you a little scared to commit yourself to someone new and get hurt? Be optimistic, as the stars are by your side. Much more than you think.

Wellness *****

You feel in complete possession of your means and energetic too. Your friends are pleasant company. Spend time with them.

Career ***

Enjoy the present moment instead of asking yourself questions about your professional future, as there is no need for this. Jupiter is keeping a watch on you and triggering beautiful surprises. So, use this Sunday for other things instead of giving yourself a migraine by dint of thinking.