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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ****

Both you and your partner must be totally committed to one another if you want to move your relationship forward. Love doesn't happen at the click of a finger! Hard work is required in this domain too. Adapt to your other half's demands and expectations. Be as open-minded as you possibly can.

Single ****

Could you be falling in love with someone? It looks like it... A stranger smiles at you when out shopping in town, and you won't forget it in a hurry! Jupiter indicates short-lived but extremely powerful encounters today. Don't hold back, be as impulsive as you can! It's time to stop playing games on the sentimental front...

Wellness ****

Ouch! You're not the best at lifting weights... Play ball sports instead, they suit you better.

Career ****

You're fast and efficient in the workplace! With Jupiter thwarting the negative influence of Mercury, you will stop wasting time over meaningless details. You'd rather work alone, but you will also make a lasting impression as part of a team.