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March 19, 2018

In Relationship **

Your partner not only has ideas for your relationship but the desire to put them into practice as well. They'd like it if you listened to them and really tried to implement their ideas, which would be good for your relationship. It'd be a good idea to let them do as they please. Know that they'll do it just as well as you would, and they'll put their heart into it. Not letting them do it would be to deny them.

Single **

You might have to postpone an evening out or even a date. Unfortunately, you won't have any choice but go along with other people's schedules. Don't worry - it's not that their feelings for you have changed; it's just a hold up. Take it in stride.

Wellness **

You're doing a lot, and your energy is waning. What's more, your digestive system will call attention to itself. Review your diet.

Career ***

You might be reconsidering certain professional choices you made not long ago. You have some doubts about what the future is beginning to look like based on those choices. It's up to you to take the steps that you feel the most comfortable with.