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March 26, 2017

Love ******

You'll let down your guard to enjoy every minute that goes by, especially with your sweetheart. Your zest for life and letting go will make your partner find you more seducing. You should note that he would you to be this way everyday. This is up to you. Given, it's good for you too.

Career ****

If you're working today, the atmosphere should be quite light. A little like in a bubble. But be careful with lack of alertness. Moreover, don't get a project muddled up with a fantasy. You'll lack realism this Sunday.

Wellness ******

You feel good, as light as air. You won't like this everyday, but this Sunday, it bodes well with you.

Mood ******

You're endowed with a sense of adaptation and are flexible. You'll make yourself understand that there is surely someone on this planet with whom you'll be happy. This is correct. This is surely how you'll increase your chances of meeting someone, and feel free as a bird, far from your fears and apprehensions.