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May 24, 2017

In Relationship ****

Ups and downs have been on the menu of your relationship for some time now... That's pretty normal, no couple is perfect! Maybe, but you will seriously start asking yourself questions about your sentimental approach today... Could changes be made to your routine in order to improve the way you and your other half live together? Probably...

Single ****

My single friend, you could try slightly too hard to attract attention today... And cause potential suitors to ignore you as a result! Nobody likes a show-off... Stay natural, you're at your most attractive when you're simply yourself! Playing a role would only bring people who don't suit you your way...

Wellness *****

You won't run out of energy, but spreading yourself too thin won't help you achieve anything significant today. Learn how to delegate.

Career ***

Things will be more complicated than first thought. You're more determined than ever to reach your objectives, but the opposition of Mars and Saturn will hold you back this Wednesday. Some people will try to exploit your weaknesses...