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March 26, 2017

Love ***

You won't be in a very cuddly mood today, to say the least. The most your partner will get from you is a peck on the cheek and you'll let them know they should be grateful for it! If your partner is a Water sign then they will take it very personally and interpret it as a rejection. Show them in other ways how much you value your relationship and vow to be more tactile tomorrow!

Career ***

Observe and analyze before acting on impulse. Mercury is making sure you have all the right cards so use them to your advantage. Research your objectives, observe your environment and be realistic with regards to your skills and abilities. Neptune is about to make life difficult for you!

Wellness ***

Your health is at risk today as you are not feeling as resilient as usual. Flu and viruses are about to rear their ugly head so get your vitamins in!

Mood ***

Eternally hopeful or just plain disillusioned? Neptune's presence in your sign could either support you in your romantic endeavors or throw a spanner in the works! The outcome will depend on you and whether you are genuinely looking to put an end to your single status. Be honest with yourself and don't be tempted to lead someone down a dead end route just to get some attention...