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May 21, 2019

In Relationship ******

It'll be good to spend time with you today. Loving, you'll feel satisfied. On the same wavelength, both of you will talk, plan the future, you and your partner love each other and express this! Jupiter is in retrograde, sublimates his aspect with Moon and intensifies your feelings. You're satisfied with what you experience and want this to be long lasting.

Single ******

As a singleton, you feel good in your shoes as well. You'll make the most of your celibacy, to do as you please with your life. If loneliness gets to you at times, you can count on an entourage which is really there for you, to make you feel satisfied. This doesn't prevent you from looking at what is going on around you, but it makes you less impatient to find love.

Wellness *****

How about making the most of this Tuesday to go to work on your bike or by foot? This way you might do some sports, unknowingly.

Career *****

You won't hesitate putting your files on the side, to help a colleague who is completely swamped. Too bad if your work is delayed, you don't wish to abandon the latter. Your colleague will be touched by this benevolence and it'll change your relationship.