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April 25, 2017

In Relationship *****

More attentive and expressive than usual with your partner, you might finally speak more about yourself, your desires, needs and plans. You won't just stop here, you'll also lend a helping hand if your partner needs it. You'll provide the necessary magic to keep the flame alive between you two.

Single *****

Your good heart will get the upper hand. This is how your loved ones will find out about how you are with your new date, who you hardly know. They won't be completely wrong about this. Even if you feel like rescuing him, you need to protect yourself. He won't be as helpless as you think, and might take advantage of your natural generosity.

Wellness ****

Don't look for performance at all costs, especially with your physical activity. Be gentle with yourself.

Career *****

Extremely motivated by your group projects, you'll be less personal while treating a file. You'll listen to your colleagues carefully and won't hesitate to change some things in order to create a positive dynamic.