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March 19, 2018

In Relationship ****

Today won't bring along any major shake ups. At the most, you can allow yourself to dream a little and make a list of everything which could please you but it'll remain illusory and you'll quickly come back to earth and face reality.

Single ****

Things are relatively calm and this doesn't come in the way, but if you feel like taking advantage of this and your inner voice insists on doing so, well it's a good moment to let go. A promising day to focus on well-being as it'll be terrific for you.

Wellness ****

Through instinct, you'll find good mood and vitality. The latter places you in orbit with great choices.

Career *****

You give a lot of importance and greatness to everything you wish to undertake. On this peculiar path, it's completely possible that you'll come across someone who uses the same value codes and who'll help you.