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August 20, 2017

In Relationship **

If your partner criticizes you then take their words on board but also remind them that relationships are a two way street. Your communication skills will be your saving grave today so make sure you use them to your advantage. Your partner values your relationship and is willing to put the effort in, therefore so should you!

Single **

Your endeavors to find love are not getting the desired results but, instead of beating yourself up about it, you'll decide to leave Cupid to his own devices and enjoy your single life in the meantime. Use this quiet time to figure out what you want from a partner and ask yourself if you could make any changes to your own behavior.

Wellness *****

You're taking better care of your body at last! Your energy levels are on the rise and your body is stronger than ever.

Career *****

You've decided to focus on the positives at work and vow to stop seeing the glass as half empty. You'll even learn to appreciate constructive criticism and see your errors as a learning curve. You have a thirst for knowledge so consider asking your boss for some extra training.