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June 29, 2017

In Relationship ******

Under the influence of Mercury trine Neptune, you will know exactly how to put your feelings into words, much to your other half's surprise - and delight! Closer to each other than ever before, you're absolutely convinced that your partner IS the love of your life!

Single ******

You will be more than happy to flirt along with anyone brave enough to hit on you today. Don't worry, you wil receive your fair share of attention this Thursday! More receptive than usual, you could meet someone you will get on really well with. As friends first, but potentially more later on...

Wellness *****

A hot bath with essential oils in the evening is the perfect way to forget about all your problems. Give it a try!

Career ****

You're torn between finishing off your work and leaving early to go for a bite to eat with your friends. Do NOT leave the office if you haven't completed your tasks, your superiors would hate you for it. Why don't you ask your colleagues to help you finish earlier?