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May 20, 2018

In Relationship *****

Affinities with a friend leads to outings and you could spend very pleasant moments with your partner but this is where friendship and private life get tangled up. Your friend circle grows with your partner's approval. Your couple revives and routine is avoided thanks to a lively social life.

Single *****

Complicity with your friends gives you the hope to meet someone new. The ideal person isn't in sight but this doesn't bother you. You like to take your time when it comes to meeting someone important. Your charm still makes an impact and you're good at reassuring people.

Wellness ******

You try to resume physical activity to maintain your figure. You're in high spirits.

Career ****

You're less involved at work. You let go because you notice lack of collaboration from your colleagues. Let it wash over you and don't try to stand out. The working pace is quite slow.