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December 14, 2017

In Relationship ****

You will once again be slightly too bossy for your own good. On the plus side, you really do know how to share your expectations with your partner, while taking fantastic care of them at all times. You're sick and tired or arguing with your other half, so make sure you listen to what they have to say to! Communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings...

Single ****

Your freedom will no longer represent your most precious asset. With Saturn staying long than planned in your sign, you will be sick and tired of being alone and eating in front of your tablet widescreen TV everything. Venus will listen to your request. All you have to do is follow its instructions.

Wellness *****

You will find it easier than most to get back up on your feet if you have been affected by a winter bug or virus...

Career *****

You will successfully carry out difficult tasks today. You will, out of nowhere, make a name for yourself in the workplace! On the flip side, you could be trusted with an increased workload as a result. But your colleagues and superiors are now happy to take your opinion into account!