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May 21, 2019

In Relationship ***

Your relationship feels like a roller coaster. You're really showing your partner that things are never boring with you! Between spur-of-the-moment outings at night and passionate moments in the bedroom, you've got your partner under your charm. Your influence is having a positive effect, and your partner is grateful.

Single ***

Your day will be spiked with twists and turns. You're meeting more people, but there's no chance that you're ready to settle down. You prefer flings to anything serious. It's pleasure and freedom over the ball and chain with you. Of course, you haven't counted on the influence of the Venus and her sidekick, Mars. You're not safe from falling in love.

Wellness *****

You're in a teasing mood today. With Jupiter's help, you'll make a big splash with those around you.

Career **

Not everyone appreciates your success; some are jealous and might be bad-mouthing you. You're seen as a target to be defeated. Mercury would advise you not to trust people too quickly. You'll have to redouble your efforts.