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March 26, 2017

Love *****

Saying that your relationship will be very close again will be an exaggeration, but it will have a sincere bond that was lacking for a while now. Your partner will be available to you and truly happy about your awareness but they will wait for solid proof from you before celebrating your recovered love life.

Career ****

The energetic impact of the Mercury/Uranus tandem will definitely not incite you in any way to idleness. Even if the time is not right for total release, you will be very inspired to put some of your obligations on the back burner and to get some rest.

Wellness *****

You will enjoy good physical resistance and a lot of moral strength. You also know how to take time for a break.

Mood *****

Since you will be more open to romance, you will receive kind words and other more erotic ones. Instead of responding automatically to impersonal messages, you will take stock and you will take your time so that you don't lose it. Someone will grab your attention. You will spend the evening talking with them.