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June 29, 2017

In Relationship ***

You'll have the impression that your partner seems to be creating a distance between you. But it won't be the case. There will be difficulties communicating as your partner isn't very receptive to dialogue. Try out a more tactile approach. Tender kisses and gestures like taking your sweetheart in your arms will break the ice between you.

Single ***

Moon's opposition in your 5th sector (love) with Neptune will make you think about what you expect from love. You'll seriously try to understand your motivations, so that you don't heed the siren song of a handsome prince. This realization will be salutary to come across the right person.

Wellness ***

If you're constantly on the move, take advantage of Moon in Virgo to slow down and review your priorities "vitality".

Career ******

If you're competing, Jupiter will help you with benevolence so that you win the jackpot. Your opponents won't believe this. You weren't the favorite one of this challenge, you'll pip everyone at the post.