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January 18, 2019

In Relationship **

You and your partner will disagree on some of the projects you want to bring to life today. Unstable family relationships are beginning to take their toll on your sentimental life. Dealing with unexpected situations almost on a daily basis is incredibly tiring and stressful! You have a difficult decision to make, but your partner doesn't seem to care about the dilemma you're currently faced with...

Single **

You will enjoy flirting with as many new faces as you can today. You will not be afraid to chat up strangers you feel like you're not getting the attention you're looking for this Friday. The way you see it, talking to new people is a bit of harmless fun... You're fully aware that you're not going to marry any of them, but it keeps you entertained for the time being!

Wellness ***

You'd hibernate if you could! But it's important to keep your body healthy and in shape during the winter... A bit of exercise wouldn't go amiss!

Career *****

A crucial day is in the cards on the professional front. You are encouraged to look for ways to fulfill your potential in this domain. Will your current career provide you with the opportunities you're looking for? Would you benefit from going freelance or becoming your own boss?