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May 24, 2017

In Relationship *****

Follow your most affectionate instincts today to develop a gentle and harmonious day with a partner who, if you maintain this, should be anxious to see you when you get home tonight! Mercury still advises against tackling projects, you should be on an emotional level prior to that.

Single *****

There's no reason to get bored here! You will be confronted, so to speak, with a difficult conquest requiring tact and precision. Mercury will be pleased to join you with many tricks up its sleeve. Let the flow of your interactions unfold quietly and Mercury, dominating your instincts, will tell you when to take action in concrete terms.

Wellness *****

Today you could try, with a strong likelihood of success, to change some of your worst eating habits!

Career *****

Mercury shows that your attractiveness will push colleagues to want to work with you more. Today, accept it and tomorrow pick and choose! It's useless to do two things at the same time, take Mercury's gifts just as they are.