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March 26, 2017

Love *****

Today, you will look for ways to give a more spiritual dimension to your relationship. You want love to become your priority on a daily basis. Feelings must be as genuine as possible. Life is short, there's no time for fake exchanges! Getting as close to your partner as possible is the only thing on your mind on this final day of the week.

Career *****

You will organize yourself and put new strategies in place in order to be a step ahead of everyone else in the workplace. Lagging behind your colleagues is out of the question! You know what they say: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...

Wellness *****

You feel the need to push your body to the limit today! Try not to go too hard on your joints and ligaments...

Mood *****

Rejoice, my single friend! You could meet someone very special today, someone who looks nothing like a potential partner to you at first glance! You will slowly but surely discover how much you two have in common! And the rest will naturally follow...