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August 20, 2017

In Relationship *****

It's time to make positive changes on the sentimental front. Venus in Cancer will put you in the mood to get closer to your family, and share lunch with those who mean the world to you... including your other half of course! Being kind and seductive is the best way to win your partner over this Sunday!

Single *****

Kind and generous by nature, you make a great impression on everyone you come across today. Mars in Leo makes you charismatic while affecting your sentimental criteria today... You could surprise yourself falling for someone who really isn't your type! Go out with your longest-serving friends tonight. Who knows who they could introduce you to!

Wellness ****

Overestimating your energy levels will cause you to unexpectedly run out of gas today. You don't get enough sleep at night!

Career ******

Your colleagues and superiors know they can always rely on you in the workplace, but please make sure no one starts taking advantage of your generosity. Your professional situation is stable, and a promotion could soon be on the menu.