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August 20, 2017

In Relationship ***

Never having the last word at home seriously gets on your nerves! You misinterpret everything your partner says... You two disagree on how you should spend your spare time. Expect endless, unproductive conversations with your partner to last late into the night... You're not ready to back off, and neither are they!

Single ***

You don't know whether you're quite ready to find love. You're not over your ex yet, it seems... You're too busy dwelling on the past to entertain the idea of being in a relationship again. Time will heal your sentimental scars... Grab the opportunity to pamper yourself while you still can!

Wellness ****

You must learn how to channel your energy. Give various relaxation techniques a try today.

Career **

You're more and more determined to explore a new career path. You've had enough of your current working conditions! You spend your days moaning at colleagues who, in fairness, have done absolutely nothing wrong...