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May 21, 2019

In Relationship *****

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how caring, protective and empathetic your partner is. You knew that they would never let you deal with your problems alone, but you weren't expecting that much love and support from them! Your lover will not be afraid to get their hands dirty and jump to your rescue today. Take their wise words of advice into account!

Single *****

You will attract plenty of attention without even trying to this Tuesday. A Virgo likes to keep a low profile by nature, but you will truly enjoy being hit on today! However, the only person you're interested in still hasn't noticed you... You will once again patiently wait for them to make their move on you. Just be aware that they might never do so!

Wellness **

Speak your mind if you have something to say. Bottling your feelings and emotions up will only trigger psychosomatic reactions...

Career **

You're not afraid to roll your sleeves up and work hard in order to meet all your deadlines. But your bosses are disappointed with your output... Not getting the recognition you deserve will seriously affect your motivation levels in the workplace.