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March 22, 2019

In Relationship *

You'll give the impression that you're not made for each other anymore. Moreover, you won't need persuading to shout from the rooftops. Your partner will hear your remarks,loud and clear. You'll need to quickly find a solution for all your pains, due to the very complicated situation in your couple life.

Single *

Under the bad aspects of Venus, you'll need company even more than love. You'll flirt to overcome boredom rather than the real desire to start a family or to stop your celibacy. The issue will be that you'll lack sincerity in our emotions. During your seduction game, you'll keep the truth to yourself.

Wellness *

The comings and goings of Venus-Mars square will be harmful for you! You'll be dead tired when you sleep...

Career **

The Venus-Mars square shall trigger quite a lot of trouble: unexpected change in schedule, called to order by your director, inapplicable instructions, etc! You'll have a hard time understanding your company's strategy...Looks like, you won't be the only one!