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April 25, 2017

In Relationship ****

You're not looking forward to today... Routine is slowly but surely getting the better of your relationship, and you don't know what to do about it! You can feel your sex life running out of steam... Is there nothing new you'd like to try in the bedroom? Talk about it with your other half, and spend time with your friends in order to forget about your problems.

Single ****

Get rid of your past once and for all if you want to finally meet someone special. All those thoughts and memories are holding you back! The fact that you're missing someone you used to love clearly shows that you're not ready to move on just yet. Don't expect anything exciting to happen today. Love won't come knocking just yet, but please don't lost hope!

Wellness *****

Your stress levels are high and you find it difficult to keep your emotions under control. Go for a walk to clear your mind.

Career ***

A demanding professional routine leaves you exhausted day in, day out. The dissonance of Saturn in Sagittarius tries to slow you down in this domain. You will have no choice but to adapt to an atmosphere that doesn't suit you at all...