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May 20, 2018

In Relationship **

You feel dependent on your partner's attitude. You feel like their words and gestures reflect their feelings. When they're nice and loving with you, you're as happy as can be. But if they need to attend to certain responsibilities, you feel ignored and abandoned. It'll pass, and for the moment don't put too much faith in how you feel.

Single **

Your emotions are on a roller coaster. You'll go from believing completely in love and your ability to forge something new to feeling utterly discouraged by the idea in no time at all. Don't let yourself be controlled by these feelings. You need to stop thinking and let the universe surprise you. Then you'll stop doubting yourself.

Wellness ***

Don't let anxiety get the upper hand. You should put things in perspective and not making mountains out of molehills.

Career ***

You feel like you need to finish many other things before you can begin the projects you hold dear. Certainly! But the best way to achieve your goal is to jump in as soon as possible. Finish what needs to be done quickly in order to clear yourself some space for the future.