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December 14, 2017

In Relationship *****

A tough day for those of you in a relationship. Lay all your cards on the table in order to build stronger foundations for your union. An important change could have to be made today! And by that we don't mean that you and your partner are going to part ways... No, you will look for realistic solutions to your problems together.

Single *****

If you're single, get ready to live a pretty special day on the love front. Your sentimental life might be about to take a turn for the best! You're likely to bump into someone you will particularly like today. Or could you start developing feelings for someone you've known for a few weeks or months?

Wellness *****

You love helping people out. You want your loved ones to feel happy and relaxed in your company.

Career ******

You're likely to get involved in a lively debate with your colleagues today. You love it when everyone brainstorms their ideas together! Your critical thinking skills will get the recognition they deserve this Thursday. Carry on like this and you will soon attract your superiors' attention for all the right reasons.