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July 22, 2018

In Relationship *****

You and your partner could decide to talk about your respective feelings, expectations and desires this Sunday morning. Your relationship should, as a result, feel a lot stronger than it has in a long, long time! You will enjoy spending time cuddled up in each other's arms on this final day of the week. Let your hair down, don't be afraid to show your emotional side to your significant other!

Single *****

An important conversation could turn one of your friendships into an unlikely love story this Sunday! You and a friend will quickly realize how much you are actually attracted to each other... Don't be afraid to fulfill each other's fantasies today. Why couldn't you two be happy together?

Wellness *****

Take the time to recharge your batteries in a peaceful environment. Spending time by the ocean helps you relax your mind and give your body the break it needs!

Career *****

If you're a salesperson and you've been struggling to hit your targets recently, don't worry! You should find it easier than usual to find new customers this Sunday. Venus and Jupiter will make you impressively sociable and convincing today.