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March 19, 2018

In Relationship ******

Feeling incredibly comfortable with your partner, you literally ooze happiness this Monday! Love gives you wings... Could you propose to your other half sometime soon? Knowing you, that's more than possible! You want to make sure that your union lasts for life... And getting married is something you've always wanted!

Single ******

Passion could be on the menu in this domain. You're likely to fall in love with a complete stranger this Monday. Dating someone seriously could threaten some of the plans you've already made for the rest of the year. Is settling down really what you want right now? Take the time to think about it very carefully...

Wellness ***

Don't do too much too soon this week. You could run out of gas before the weekend! Vitamin supplements cannot perform miracles...

Career *

Routine is beginning to get the better of you in this domain. You're finding it harder and harder to deal with your usual constraints in the workplace. Your career isn't going anywhere! Why don't you try to raise your profile instead of looking for another job?