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May 24, 2017

In Relationship ***

You will have a lot of things to express to your partner today, but you will be quite devoid of style when you express it. Pluto is definitely not a planet that you get along with so easily, but you will not have any desire to make any efforts to restrain yourself. However, Mercury will not spare you any awareness.

Single ***

You will definitely be the type to pout at someone who you are trying, these days, to pick up, if they don't send enough positive signals in your direction. Yes, you will be imbued with a very strong bias in this interpretation that Neptune's bad faith, don't forget the latter, will make you consider the truth!

Wellness ****

Mercury will know what you are about, by implying repeatedly that you are not relaxing enough when you have the chance.

Career ***

Pluto will shift everything around you at work today. Changes on short notice, company problems even breakdowns or other structural problems, now here's a little sample of what to expect.