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Gemini 2019 Horoscope


Gemini 2019 Horoscope


Mars and Uranus are on your side to provide you with all the help and support you need. You will find the strength and energy needed to move an important project forward this month. The planets are determined to help you overcome every obstacle standing in your way: remember to let your hair down and have some fun too!


The Sun in Aquarius will make you feel like exploring new horizons. A change of scenery is needed, so grab the opportunity to travel if you can in February. The second half of the month could be slightly trickier and more tiring, as you will not be in control of all the situations unfolding around you: ask for help if you need to!


Mercury retrograde in Pisces will negatively affect your professional life. You will not be in a position to move your career forward, and one of your colleagues could even try to stab you in the back! Be careful who you share your secrets with, don’t boast about your achievements and avoid criticizing anyone behind their back, just to be safe!


Mars in your sign will take good care of you this month. You will not be afraid to speak your mind and take exciting initiatives. Audacious and hard-working, your only priority will be to move closer to your objectives. Gently let the people around you know that you’re going to steal the show this April!


Venus and Mars will work hand in hand to help you find love this month. You could get considerably closer to an existing friend of yours, or make a new friend who will slowly but surely become more than that. Don’t ask yourself too many questions and follow your feelings, my Gemini friend. Life is meant to be enjoyed!


The Sun and Venus in your sign will cheer you up. Your joie de vivre and good mood are infectious! People will literally be queuing up to spend time with you this month. However, be careful not to start acting like a clown in front of someone who could help you move your career forward… Be very careful who you let your hair down with!


The transit of the sun and Venus in Cancer, opposite Saturn in Capricorn, will put the stress on your financial situation. On one side, you will be in the mood to spend money on things you like, such as new clothes. On the other, you will be quickly reminded that your bank account isn’t bottomless… This isn’t the time to take unnecessary risks!


The Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo will make it hard for you to stand still. If you are off work, you will love going on long walks and meeting new people. You will thoroughly enjoy making the most of what life has to offer and taking part in hobbies you aren’t familiar with. Those of you who are still single could even meet someone!


The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will remind you of your family responsibilities this September. You will be forced to look after the people you share your life with, and repair works on your house could cost you a bit of money. Some of you might even be forced to work from home this month: not something you will complain about!


The Sun and Mars in Libra will stimulate all of your senses! Looking your best, people will be attracted to you like magnets to a fridge and you could well meet someone who will know how to make you feel special. Go clubbing or hang out in trendy places if you want to find love. Put your dancing shoes on!


Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius will encourage you to get married, set up a new professional partnership or launch your own business with an associate this month! Don’t be afraid to legalize or officialize your current sentimental and professional situation. Unity is strength!


Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and invites you to draw a line under the past. Embrace the important changes that are coming your way. If you’re considering launching your own company, you will have to provide the bank with a very detailed business plan if you want to be given the loan you’re so desperate for!