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Gemini 2021 Horoscope


Gemini 2021 Horoscope


You won’t have other choices but stick to the reality outside. Saturn will make you resistant but you won’t be able to move as quickly as you want to. The things you implement will consolidate as the months go by. Emotionally speaking, your partner’s heart will warm you up.


As long as you’re in the action, everything will be fine, but once you settle down, your brain will be in turmoil. Scared about having made the wrong choice? You’ll be able to count on Venus to make you feel secure. Your relational sense will be very useful. In your love life, exchanges will rock between understanding and irritation.


In your sign, Mars will make you see life through a new angle. You’ll be a team player, follow advise, make commitments. You’ll come across various situations where you need to take on challenge. Not easy but rewarding if you succeed. Your entourage will be of precious help.


Benefiting from an unexpected event, you’ll emerge when one expects the least. You might end a situation which may not suit you, forge ahead, dig more interesting leads. There won’t be any limits in love. You’ll move mountains to experience your passion well.


Things may get stuck with your finances. One will ask you to justify yourself in the financial sector. Bills will be higher than expected. Tensions will increase and money will turn into a sensitive issue at home. The Venus/Saturn trine will be good omen to patch things up.


Good or bad luck with Jupiter in Pisces, squared with your sign? A little of both, as you’re not always able to get an exact idea of some situations, you’ll possess incredible intuition to position yourself well. Family business will take up your time.


You’ll need to make do with situations, moods and hitches. You have a flexible mind. You’ll need to prove this with Saturn’s backtracking. Stick to your budget by being extra alert and don’t surpass it. Venus and Mars in Leo will make you forget about your problems.


Mars in Virgo will help you take the right decisions. Spontaneous yesterday, your choices will be now measured. You’ll bank less on uniqueness and more on stability. In your love life, your priority will be to preserve the balance in your couple, cohesion within the family. Singletons, you’ll say yes to a summer fling.


Taking action will become counter-productive, you’ll need to talk. Talk to negotiate, learn to get to know one another if you just met, to understand one another if communication doesn’t work. If you have a lot of paperwork, do so meticulously. You’ll gain time and who knows money too.


Jupiter and Saturn ahead, this will give you the desire to invest and devote yourself at work. Their presence in Aquarius will be a good omen for you. Offers will be reliable, your projects will be advantageous. Love life or work, your initiatives will be unique and bold.


With Mercury in Scorpio, you’ll obtain compensation if you came across a confrontation. Things which could have happened right in front of you will come along in a positive manner. This will be the right time to take advantage. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will give you the chance to come across many discoveries and people.


This Sagittarius sky will be a good omen for you, because before Jupiter heads towards Pisces, it’ll settle your projects in the long run. You’ll have a long span vision as you’ll understand your intense need to feel reassured. You’ll be proud of yourself, as you would have evolved this year.