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Leo 2018 Horoscope


Leo 2018 Horoscope


You will have a lot on your plate in the workplace, but it’ll take more than that to impress you. Determined to move your projects forward, you will be happy to work around the clock this month. Be careful, your family will criticize your lack of availability as a result… You cannot be in two places at once!


Learn how to work as part of a team if you want to reach your objectives. You’re enthusiastic and people will truly enjoy cooperating with you and listening to your ideas this month. But please, please, please try not to take all the credit for a successful group project!


You must accept to look at life from a different angle! Adopt a new approach in the workplace. Forget about your preconceived ideas if you want to give yourself the best chance of being successful. Be as curious and open-minded as you can. Learn from other people!


You’re extremely ambitious, especially as far as the materialistic side of life is concerned, and waiting for success to fall into your lap is out of the question this month. You will give yourself the best chance of reaching your objectives. Pay great attention to little details regarding one of your projects. Every little helps!


You could run out of patience and lose your temper when things don’t go exactly according to plan! There’s no need to criticize other people for not doing things as quickly as you’d like them to… Not everybody is as dynamic as you! Don’t be so demanding of others and learn how to be more flexible. Everything happens for a reason!


Expect surprises on the professional front! An unexpected offer, a sudden change or an unforeseen opportunity, anything is possible this month! Your career could head in a completely new direction by the end of the month! Something some of you have long been waiting for…


In a relationship, try not to bite off more than you can chew! Your energy levels aren’t bottomless… Let your partner in charge from time to time! It’s mentally exhausting to always feel relied upon… Do something about it, your self-esteem is much lower than usual as a result!


You will once again be left in charge of everything at home! You’ve had enough of your family, children and lover relying on you all the time. You’d love to let your hair down and have a rest too, but you won’t really have the chance to take a break this month. Not exactly the restful summer you were hoping for!


Money is the main thing on your mind this September. How much did you spend in the summer? Can you still afford to spoil your children this month? Focus on what truly matters first. Who cares about your kids wearing the latest thing in fashion if you can’t even afford to put food on the table!


You would like a bit more help at home… You feel like you’re always the one in charge of looking after every single person who lives under your roof. And to top it all off, your partner will accuse you of not doing enough for them… Call bluff on his or her emotional blackmail!


Jupiter is on your side to bring you all the luck you need! You feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders this month. Exciting changes are underway, your hard work is paying off and people seem to finally respect you in every domain of your life… The start of a new era!


The year ends on a high note for those of you who are single, as love could soon be on the menu! A friend with benefits or the love of your life? Anything can happen, especially if you travel. But please don’t let your usual duties and responsibilities stop you from looking for happiness. Luck doesn’t usually come knocking twice!