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Leo 2019 Horoscope


Leo 2019 Horoscope


Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are on your side to make you more audacious and creative than usual. You will cope with the huge amount of pressure put on your shoulders like a real boss this month! In fact, you will even ask for more responsibilities before the end of January: you’ve had a taste of power and you really, really like it!


The Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus could make you slightly impulsive. You will learn the hard way that it’s impossible to please everyone and being successful could upset a few of your colleagues… Don’t boast about your achievements and be as pragmatic as you can: working efficiently as part of a team will help you shine even brighter!


Mercury retrograde in Pisces will force you to opt for a different approach this month, especially from a financial point of view. You will realize that you must make changes to your current lifestyle if you don’t want to run out of money a lot sooner than anticipated. Look for ways to give your income a boost too!


Mars in Gemini will put the stress on your projects, and you could feel like exploring new horizons far away from home. You’re sick of your everyday routine and you will feel like a change of scenery is exactly what you need. Those of you who are up for an adventure could be offered a job abroad: dare to do things differently!


The transit of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus will put the spotlight on your ambitions. You will aim high and you won’t be afraid to take on more responsibilities this month. Some of you will be handed an unmissable opportunity come their way. Be proactive, don’t waste such a great chance to move your life forward!


The Sun and Venus in Gemini encourage you to relax with friends. You will enjoy spending time with people you love but who you haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time with lately. You need to have some fun in order to bring your stress levels down and forget about your problems. But be careful not to push your body too far… You’re exhausted!


With Mars in your sign, you will feel strong and dynamic enough to move mountains. Fearless, you will love taking on all kinds of challenges this month! You will be in the mood to be active and make the most of what life at such a beautiful time of the year. Competitive, you will not hesitate to push your limits!


With the Sun, Venus and Mars in your sign, you will be the great winner of the zodiac this month. Your lover or professional partners will find it impossible to say no to you. Ask and you shall receive! Your charisma will help you get what you want, but be careful not to make too many enemies for yourself… People are jealous of your success!


The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo will force you to check your bank balance and figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend this September. You hate sticking to a budget, but you won’t have a say in the matter! It’s better than being broke, trust us. Being sensible will help you give your finances a welcome boost sooner rather than later.


The Sun and Mars in Libra will make you feel like travelling this month. You will enjoy hitting the road and meeting people who could help you move your career forward in the future. Your social skills will help you broaden your professional network and seal interesting deals. You will know how to give yourself the best chance of being successful!


Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius could have a huge surprise in store for those are you who are still single. You could meet someone who will literally melt your little heart! You will feel emotionally ready to give a passionate love story a try this month: you’re desperate to make fantastic memories with someone who shares the same goals as you!


Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn and puts the stress on your duties and obligations. New responsibilities will keep you incredibly busy in the workplace, where you will have a wide range of problems to solve this month. But you will be more than happy to roll up your sleeves and get your head down: you’ve been waiting so long for this promotion!